The WonderCube Pro is the EDC phone accessory you absolutely need for under $40

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NEWS – TL;DR: Combine a whole bunch of gadgets into one with the WonderCube Pro, which features lightning, USB-C, and MicroUSB connectors, as well as a microSD card reader, flashlight, and more — all for just $39.95.

For everyday-carry gadget fans, one is never enough. In fact, the philosophy of the true tech nerd is often the more cool time-saving, efficiency-improving, life-enhancing devices, the better. Of course, that leads to an inevitable problem — with pockets bulging with devices, tangled cables and more, how the heck are you going to carry around all that cool stuff?

Consolidation is key. The WonderCube Pro is all about helping the EDC addict clean out their lives, an ultra-resourceful device that deftly handles more than a half-dozen different smartphone-related tasks in a tidy cubic inch of space.

The device Forbes called “clean, minimalist and timeless,” the WonderCube Pro clips easily to any keyring or travel bag for supreme on-the-go preparedness.

The one-inch cube folds out to reveal a host of different connection options, including Apple Lightning, USB-C, and MicroUSB connectors. The USB outlet even features gold-plated connectors to ensure the fastest possible charging for any Apple or Android phone.

If you don’t have a power source, you can even attach a 9-volt battery to the WonderCube to supply a solid 2 to 3 hours of phone talk time during an emergency.

When your phone’s storage starts to tap out, the WonderCube features a built-in microSD card reader to support up to 128GB of flash memory. Meanwhile, the device can also be configured to serve as a phone stand, using micro-suction cups to easily secure it to a phone back panel.

The WonderCube is even rocking a nifty LED flashlight to help cut through the darkness when you’re in a pinch.

Regularly $70, the WonderCube Pro is on sale now at over 40% off, just $39.95.

Prices subject to change.


12 thoughts on “The WonderCube Pro is the EDC phone accessory you absolutely need for under $40”

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  2. David A Florence

    I purchased this on kickstarter a few years back. It was pretty junkie. Not good at anything. It fell apart.

  3. This product is a scam. I still have not received my pledge from kickstarter or indiegogo. They also refuse to reply. I only realised it was a scam when they started selling the product before even honouring the pledges. Search for them on those pledge sites and decide. Do not ever buy a wondercube!

    1. Rhys, I am also a Kickstarter victim. As is typical of “platforms”, their only concern is that people spend money on them, and they don’t care on what. It is also a joy to have complained about an unethical “creator” not fulfilling their obligation and then seeing the same person doing another scam. Never again..,

  4. Hmm. I’m thinking of buying these as gifts. It’s something everyone would appreciate.

    However, where do we get 9v batteries? Haven’t seen those in decades.

    1. 9 volt batteries are sold where batteries are sold. They’re still used in smoke detectors that are in all houses that have been built for the last couple of decades. Unless you’re not in North America.

  5. Yes please let me pay 40 dollars to at best very possibly break damage my thousand dollar phone. So sweet.

  6. Amazon, eBay.. you can now buy RECHARGEABLE 9v batteries that charge via USB (micro USB or USB-C, take your pick)..

    BUT.. this product is a ripoff anyway, for $40 you could just buy your loved ones a quick-charge/power delivery capable power bank that holds 20x more electrical charge than 9v batteries, AND have money left over to get some of those fancy USB charging 9v.. so… Yeah.

  7. So, what is it actually supposed to DO? Sounds to me like it’s little more than a charger adapter with, if I read it correctly, some potential capacity as a flash drive and also an emergency power supply for your phone when by some unlikely twist of fate you find yourself more than 6′ from an actual source of electricity and can’t get to one within a few minutes. In other words, a do-nothing…

  8. Stephen McCallister

    Just get a good USB-C cable capable of doing PD (power delivery) and you don’t need this. This is another legacy of Apple’s “you just need a dongle for that…”) philosophy of “simplicity.” My phone, laptop, and tablet all charge off USB-C. It’s so much nicer that way for EDC and for travel.

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