When Syncwire calls their cables UNBREAKcable, they aren’t just fooling around with wordplay. Thier USB Type-C, Lightning, and micro USB cables are designed to withstand at least 30,000 90-degree bends and up to 275 lbs of force. If you don’t think that’s a lot, then try it with your current USB cable. Go on, I’ll… Read More

I have reviewed (more than) my fair share of dashcams and radar detectors over the past few years. All of these devices require power in a relatively inconvenient place in your car. Typically these devices are installed up near your rearview mirror. Few automobiles have a 12V or USB port anywhere near that location. Running… Read More

Once in awhile, a product comes along that changes your life.  I have run across a handful of those types of products, and rather than build up the suspense, I’ll just go ahead and say it.  The $11.99 Dodocool magnetic micro USB cable is the best cable I have ever owned.  Bar none. Is it… Read More

Here’s something I’ve not seen before. It’s one USB cable that works with iOS devices that have a Lightning connector and devices that have a micro USB connector. It’s the Gadjet Magic Data Cable. But is it really all that magical? Let’s find out. What is it? The Gadjet Magic Data Cable is a USB cable that… Read More

Managing cables and dongles is getting easier, but the curse of mobile battery usage and the need for chargers is still with us. Traveling with your full kit for a few days can really escalate that, since you usually have to dig out the chargers that live under your desk, or under/beside your bed. As… Read More

Perhaps you’ve seen charging cables with reversible USB A connectors out there, meaning that they can be successfully inserted into a USB port no matter whether they are flipped to one side or the other. But have you seen cables with reversible micro-USB connectors? Scosche has such cables that will fit into micro-USB ports no… Read More

I had just purchased a Nexus 5x which incorporates the new USB-C connector for charging and I was looking for a spare cable.  Luckily I was offered the opportunity to check out the AluCable and figured that I’d scored a simple review and could crank out a couple of sentences and then I’d be done.  It… Read More

If you recently purchased a new laptop, it probably came with the new industry standard USB-C port. This port will eventually replace all older USB ports and you’ll find Macs, PCs, and mobile devices alike using them – hooray for standardization! Ah, but since upgrading, perhaps you may have left behind a magnetic cable that… Read More

I loathe cable messes and thus, I love cable organization products. Right now I am using plastic spiral tube wrap to tidy up my cable messes but neoprene cable sleeves are available that will bundle your cables together more attractively if you are willing to pay a higher price. There are some that are available… Read More

I’ve been enjoying my Nexus 6P for a few months now, but I still miss the convenience of wireless charging. During the day it’s no big deal to plug in a cable, but at night I just set the phone next to me on the night stand so that I can easy pick it up… Read More

“It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge.” It’s the worst part of the Twilight Zone, the part that even Rod Serling feared – it’s the need to carry an Android and iPhone. Maybe one device is… Read More

Minimalists should appreciate the thought that went into designing the LifeLink USB charge cable from Australian based PlusUs. This USB charging cable is thin and compact for easy integration into your EDC. But is this cable worth the hefty price tag? I’m skeptical, but let me show you more about it and then let you decide… Read More

Do you have a useful tip, trick, life hack or cool DIY project that you think other Gadgeteer readers can use to make their life easier or would find interesting? So many people have great ideas and they never share them. To help change that, I’ll be posting regular articles sharing some of the best… Read More

Do you have a useful tip, trick or hack that you think other Gadgeteer readers can use to make their life easier? Then I need you to contribute them to a new series that I’m starting today. So many people have great ideas and they never share them. Let’s change that. The tips, tricks, hacks… Read More

You’ve probably seen charms that you can put around the stem of wine glasses so you’ll always know which glass is yours at a party. Well, now you can make sure that you know which cable is yours with iDBeads. iDBeads are silicone charms that have been designed to work with Apple Lightning cables and… Read More