iCharge Pro Cable magnetic USB charging cable review

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iCharge Cable 1REVIEW – There are multiple devices and even furniture with built-in USB ports all around my home. Wherever my wife and I find ourselves in the house and in need of charging a device, we are able to plug into a cable that is conveniently left in strategic locations. However, that cable is usually either an Apple Lightning cable or micro USB or USB-C cable. If the device we want to charge does not match the cable in that location then we have to find another cable with the correct interface. What if there was a universal cable that allowed you to magnetically connect any device that you want to charge via an adapter that could be left attached to each device. Enter the iCharge cable!!

What is it?

The iCharge Cable is 2 meters (6.6ft) long and the cable is made of 24-weaving nylon that is super durable and cannot be easily broken. An adapter holder and 3 adapter heads are included to make the cable compatible with almost any mobile device.

What’s in the box

iCharge Cable 2
1 x iCharge 2M Cable (Length 6.6 ft)
3 x Adapters (iOS Lightning, USB-C, Micro USB)
1 x  Adapter holder

Design and Features

iCharge Cable 13
iCharge Cable 14

The iCharge Pro Cable features a built-in super bright LED light surrounded by a pretty thick magnet. The 3 adapter heads include a Lightning adapter, a USB-C adapter, and a micro USB adapter.
iCharge Cable 2
iCharge Cable 3
iCharge Cable 4
The magnetic head on the iCharge cable can be angled 45 degrees left and right.
iCharge Cable 5
iCharge Cable 6
On the tip of the magnetic head of the cable, there are embedded contacts that are able to transfer the signal to the adapter.
iCharge Cable 7
iCharge Cable 8

Using the cable

Using the cable is very simple. You place the appropriate adapter into the charging port of the device you wish to charge. If you have enough adapters, you can place one “permanently” in each device.
iCharge Cable 10
The LED Light illuminates whenever the cable has power making it very noticeable in the dark. As you place the head of the cable close to the adapter, it magnetically clamps on.
iCharge Cable 12

iCharge Cable 11
iCharge Cable 9The magnet is so strong, you could literally pick your device up from the floor with your charging cable.

What I like

  • The quality of the cable
  • The strong magnetic force that connects the adapter to the cable
  • The length of the cable
  • The accent LEDs
  • The swivel-head on the cable

What I’d Change

  • Make adapters available for purchase separately
  • Make adapter extensions for use on devices that have protective cases

Final thoughts

This charging cable from iCharge Devices is well constructed and in my opinion of the right length for use in most scenarios. The magnetic force between the cable and the adapter is strong and ensures that the adapter will not fall off. The flexibility of the cable head to be angled makes it even more efficient and the blue LED power/accent light is a nice touch. My only hope is that I will be able to buy more adapters for the cables that I have. I would like to be able to leave them plugged in around my home and in my car and my wife and I can share because we both have adapters plugged into our phones/devices. I would also like to see some type of well-designed extension to accommodate protective cases. Well done!!

Price: $19.99
Where to buy: iCharge Devices website
Source: The sample for this review was provided by iCharge.

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