The Foursevens Bolt – Action Light ditches traditional tail cap or side switch for a sliding bolt mechanism. Featuring three brightness levels and four special output modes, the Bolt – Action Light is powered by two CR2 batteries that keep the CREE XM-L2 LED shining bright. The flashlight has a max brightness of 490 lumens… Read More

Incase, known for their innovative bag designs and Apple-friendly products, has entered the smart luggage market with the new NoviConnected 22 Smart Hardshell Luggage. They’re bringing a pretty amazing set of features for the road warrior.  The NoviConnected 22 is TSA approved for carry-on at 22″ by 14″ by 9″ and is built with a… Read More

Can I see a show of hands… how many of you have socks with missing mates? We call them stragglers at my house, and it seems to be a widespread issue that affects countless families throughout the world. How can we solve this horrible tragedy? Well, there’s a gadget for that, and it’s called the… Read More

The Chargerito is a tiny micro USB or lightning charger that puts an AC adapter and cable into a form factor that’s about the same size as your car fob. Attach the Chargerito to your keychain and you’ll always have a way to charge your iPhone or micro USB phones and gadgets without having to… Read More

According to an article in the NYTimes, 14 percent of the world’s population is older than 65 and a large subsection of those people are not very tech savvy. Keeping up with their children and grandchildren can be difficult for older people who haven’t had the opportunity to grow up with smartphones, tablets, and computers… Read More

If you’re shopping for a Windows 10 laptop on a small budget, consider the E FUN Nextbook Flexx 11A 2-in-1 tablet with Windows 10. At only 179 from Walmart, it is a good value for users because it can be used as a laptop and a tablet with its full-size detachable keyboard. The Flexx 11A… Read More

If you share your home with a dog or cat, chances are pretty high that you have more than a few pictures of your furry companions. Regal Beagle will take those pictures and showcase them as artwork for your walls by adding your pets to famous paintings. Choose from 63 historical works of art like… Read More

With Apple’s unveiling of the iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy Note8 arriving on my doorstep, it’s been a busy week for the Gadgeteer. Click through to catch up on everything we’ve posted this week.  Reviews Mr. Lentz leather briefcase review Burkley Smart Folio iPad Pro 10.5″ case review Prynt Pocket iPhone photo printer and camera grip review Tronsmart… Read More

Whenever top-tier companies like LG, Samsung, and Apple roll out a new smartphone, my inbox starts bursting at the seams with emails from vendors who are excited to announce cases and accessories for the new devices. As you would guess, since this past Tuesday, I’ve been drowning in emails about new iPhone 8, 8 Plus… Read More

If you love using your smartphone as your primary camera, then you will appreciate the new iPhone Camera Bag from WaterField Designs of San Francisco California. This small shoulder bag will hold all your small clip-on lenses, cables, and other accessories that you need when you’re shooting on the go and don’t want to stuff… Read More

If your work surface is cramped, the anodized aluminum Vertical Laptop Stand from Satechi will help you reclaim some space. The stand has been designed to be universally compatible with a variety of laptops and tablets from different manufacturers like Apple, Dell, Samsung, Asus and many more. The stand has an adjustable rubber lined jaw… Read More

Did you stay up late last night so you could pre-order a shiny new iPhone 8 or 8 Plus? If you hesitated due to the price, you can save $300 if you’re a Verizon customer and have a smartphone that you’re willing to trade-in. To get the $300 credit, you’ll need to trade-in one of these… Read More

How many times have you gone to a restaurant, eaten a good meal, and then felt like a whole head of broccoli was wedged between your two front teeth? When you don’t have access to toothpicks, what do you do? Do you scrape at it with a fingernail? fold a napkin into a point and… Read More

Check out my 5 picks for this week’s notable crowdfunding projects from Kickstarter. Hey, don’t blame me if you’re always broke! 3D 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound Earbud with Premium Sub Bass What is it? 360 Earbuds are wired earbuds that simulate surround sound. Why do I like it? I was sent a pair of 360… Read More

When was the last time that you played a rousing game of dominoes? I’ll admit that it’s been a few years for me, but if I had a set of Edge Dominoes from Fire Road, I’d want to play a game every day because they look so cool. The Edge Domino tiles or bones as… Read More