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If you can’t bear leaving your little Muffin at home, then you may want to look into this U-Pet Bubble Pet Carrier. I’m not kitten, it’s the cutest and most functional pet carrier I’ve seen in a long time. Sure, there are carriers out there right meow that may have all the functionality, but not… Read More

Ethnotek partners with artisan villages in Indonesia, Ghana, Guatemala, Vietnam, and India to produce hand-made textiles that they incorporate into their backpacks, bags, and accessories. Not only do these partnerships result in gorgeous products, but they help to keep these traditional textile making techniques alive by employing the local artisans.  The new Akan collection features… Read More

For some unknown reason, newer MacBook and MacBook Pro chargers no longer have two fold out wings to wind excess cable around. What’s up with that Apple? Instead of mumbling under your breath every time you need to carry your MacBook and charger with you when you travel, consider PowerPlay. PowerPlay adds cord organization capability to… Read More

Nine times out of ten, when we get offers to review cases, bags, ear buds, etc, that come in more than one color, the male members of The Gadgeteer always choose black. Are guys afraid of a little color because it’s not considered manly? If that’s the case, then the Swiza D03 ALLBLACK knife has… Read More

We’ve all seen the small Bluetooth tracking tiles that you can attach to your keys, your bag, your wallet, etc. These small tracking devices pair with your phone and will alert you when there is too much distance between you and the item. Now you can add a couple extra points to your geek-cred score… Read More

If you like watching Disney movies via Netflix enjoy it while you can because starting in 2019 that will come to an end. The “Mouse House” announced that they’re ending their short relationship with Netflix to start their own direct-to consumer streaming service starting in 2019.  It was only May of last year that the… Read More

It must be a slow week for cool crowdfunding projects because I’ve only found 4 Kicstarter and Indiegogo projects to tell you about. Click through to see this week’s notable crowdfunding campaigns. Lauco – NanoSuction car mount for phones & cases What is it? Lauco is a simple car or desk mount for your smartphone… Read More

Do you still have a pile of Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges gather dust in a drawer somewhere in your house AND do you also have a Samsung Galaxy S8? Then your retro dreams have just come true with SmartBoy. SmartBoy from Hyperkin is a module that attaches to the bottom of your… Read More

Pilots, security guards, and people who wake up in the middle of the night with a million dollar idea all have one thing in common. They need to write stuff down without impacting their night vision. One solution is a pair of night vision goggles and another potential solution is the Skilcraft Luminator LED Light… Read More

Apple’s Home Pod continues to make news even though its official release is still several months away. Home Pod’s Firmware, accidentally released online by Apple, continues to drop hints at possible upcoming products. This time, developer Guilherme Rambo uncovered strings inside that seem to confirm that the next gen Apple TV will indeed be 4K… Read More

I joined a gym last week. Although I regularly work out at home on my own equipment (an inexpensive Total Gym and a treadmill), this is the first time I’ve gone to an actual gym to work out. So now I’m on the lookout for cool sports gear to talk about and review. In my… Read More

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Hey, all of you amateur and not so amateur photographers, iPhoneographers, and photobugs out there. I have something very cool to show you. It’s the Lensball and it might just take your everyday photos to the next level. The Lensball is a photo accessory that doesn’t require a special mount for your camera or smartphone and… Read More

I’ve always been fascinated by miniatures. When we were kids, my sister and I would build our own “dollhouses” from cardboard boxes and furnish them with tiny furniture, books, etc. that we made ourselves from anything we could find around the house.  One year for Christmas, I bought my dad a small train set because… Read More