If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where you have some food, but no spoon, fork, or knife to help you eat it, you might want to consider adding the Unitensil from Folditflat to your arsenal of EDC tools. What is it? The Folditflat Unitensil is a 3-in-1 reusable and foldable eating utensil that has a spoon… Read More

Everybody knows that a peanut butter or jelly-covered knife laying on the edge of the sink means you haven’t decided if you’re going to make another sandwich or not.  This keeps the counter free of smears, and it keeps the knife clean – so long as it doesn’t fall into the sink.  You won’t have… Read More

Back in June 2013, I wrote about this neat product on Kickstarter. I thought is was a rather interesting take on an issue I had seen while working. The project was the Knife Fork & Spoon. Unfortunately, it did not reach its funding goal and was not produced. Well, it’s back. The Knife Fork &… Read More

Am I a dork because I like this spork? NO!  However, I may be one because of that silly rhyme.  Moving on, this simple little gadget is small enough to fit in your palm and can be taken with you camping, or everyday to work so you don’t have to use flimsy plastic that breaks… Read More

The Collapsible Compact Chopsticks from Integral Design will make sure you always have a set of eating utensils when you need them. No need to use those paper wrapped wooden chopsticks at your favorite noodle shop when you have this set. They measure 4″ when collapsed and 8″ when assembled and are available in six… Read More

Unlike a spork with just the suggestion of fork tines on the front of the spoon’s bowl, the Ramen Spoon/Fork has a spoon bowl with actual tines sticking off the front.  MOMA says this fork is designed for eating ramen noodles.  It was designed for MOMA by Masami Takahashi and originally “created for use at the… Read More

The next time I go camping will be never, but if you love that activity, the Buck Knives 941 Travelmate kit is a nifty addition you should consider adding to your camping kitchen gear. It packs a knife, fork and other tools in a convenient sheath that even prevents the spread of bacteria. Let’s take a… Read More

Have you ever found yourself with a plate of food but no fork or spoon to help you eat it? The Pro-Idee Picnic Cutlery set makes sure you never find yourself in that situation again. It’s a handy tear drop shaped container that holds a fork, spoon and knife. Let me show you how it… Read More

Or at least that is what the SpreadTHAT! Heated Butter Knife claims to be able to do. The unique thing about this hi-tech kitchen gadget is that it doesn’t use any electricity to warm the knife. It uses a non-toxic titanium coating to conduct the heat from your hand down to the blade, allowing you to… Read More

You might think you’re prepared for the zombie apocalypse or economic meltdown that sends the world into chaos, but are you prepared for office lunch? I mean, you have your plate, your cup, and your glass, but we are not heathens – we do not eat with our hands. So what’s a well prepared office… Read More

Here’s the adult version of the pocket cutlery set that got so many readers in a lather.  Unlike the Safe Swiss Army Knife just for kids (see the related links at the bottom of this article), the Baladeo 52G Pocket Cutlery Set is made of 420 stainless steel and polycarbonate.  It has a spork, knife… Read More

How do you improve upon the basic knife, fork, and spoon concept, something that has been around for years? How do you make that item into a tool for your on-the-go-everyday lifestyle? I recently came across an interesting take on this dilemma in a current project on Kickstarter. The Knife Fork & Spoon by John-Paul… Read More

  Every time we visit my in-laws, there is always a discussion about speed eating at the dinner table. We debate whether it is good or bad for you, but normally the general consensus is that it’s not; the theory being that it can cause you to overeat. Changing the fast eating habit can be… Read More

These tabletop items from Vat19 can help you do your part to reduce waste and appeal to your sense of humor.  They offer a line of reusable melamine plates and cups that look like their wasteful cousins.  There are melamine “paper” plates that look like the thin, pleated edge paper products – set of four… Read More

If you’ve ever packed for a hike, camping trip, or other activity in which saving precious space is paramount, you know how difficult it can be.  Behold Fozzils ThinkFLAT!  Part origami, part tableware, each item–be it bowl, cup, spoon or otherwise–can hold hot liquid without leaking, but can be collapsed completely flat.  Made from durable… Read More