Toss the spork because this cutlery set comes with its own dishwasher!

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NEWS – If you prefer not to use plastic cutlery or a spork to eat your food when you’re on the go, take a look at the Cliffset portable cutlery set. What makes Cliffset better than a spork? First of all, you get an individual stainless steel fork, knife, and spoon instead of a dual-ended implement like the spork. Ever try cutting a piece of meat with a spork? Yeah, not fun. Secondly, the Cliffset includes a nice zippered carrying case. But the coolest feature is the included “dishwasher”. It’s really a little spray bottle that you can use to spray down the utensils for a quick wash on the go. Cliffset is available in 5 colors and is priced at $36 from If that’s too spendy for you, then check out similar sets (minus the “dishwasher” on Amazon for way less!

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2 thoughts on “Toss the spork because this cutlery set comes with its own dishwasher!”

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  2. I started carrying a titanium spork and a #8 Opinel knife in my lunch bag a good while ago, rather than relying on the work-provided plastic utensils. Since I work in an office with a sink, it’s easier to clean than if you’re out and about, but I wish more folks would find a set they like and pledge to use it daily. Even if you just wipe it off and rinse it with water or even soda, you can wash it at home at the end of the day.

    I see so many folks using single-use plastics multiple times daily. We’re each eating about a credit card’s worth of microplastics in our food and water each week, mostly due to our overuse of single-use plastics. Glad to see options like this becoming popular.

    1. For the record, the spork was about $2-3 at REI, and the knife was less than $10 (£6) on vacation somewhere. I think it was in St. Ives, Cornwall. So it doesn’t have to cost a bunch , it just takes the decision to do it.

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