Smythe Richbourg

A gadget nerd from childhood, Smythe has always been drawn to solving everyday problems with clever tools. An Apple fan since his Mac Plus in 1987, he's sure the company will one day do great things, despite being perpetually doomed by their competition.

iQunix Noma Laptop Stand review

REVIEW – With laptops adding more cores and getting thinner and faster, the heat build-up is real in todays portables. The convection built into turbo-charged laptops works much better when there is a clear higher-level place for the air to flow. iQunix has developed a very simple yet eye-pleasing stand called the Noma. I was …

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PadMate PaMu wireless earphones review

REVIEW – Listening to music on your smartphone is probably the most frequent use case, with the possible exception of social networks. One reason for this is that you can listen to music while doing other things. With the removal of the ancient yet still viable headphone jack, a few manufacturers have managed to anger …

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Cheap webcam privacy cover review

REVIEW – By now, everyone reading this post probably has a piece of opaque tape over the webcam on their laptop. We’ve seen the horror stories, TV shows, and news articles about cameras being hacked, as well as the famous picture of Mark Zuckerberg with tape over his laptop’s webcam. Now, rather than this ugly solution, …

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iFrogz Cocoon earbud charging case review

REVIEW – With the move from wired earbuds to wireless, there is one issue that we have to all deal with: How do you transport and charge these tiny wireless gadgets? Well, iFrogz is glad you asked. They have developed a rigid container that will hold most wireless earbuds on the market, as well as …

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Urban Armor Gear Plasma iPad Pro 12.9″ case review

REVIEW – The iPad Pro 12.9″ has been reviewed and discussed all over the Tech Press, and, love it or hate it, everyone agrees on one thing: it’s a big, thin, fragile slab that is a bit unnerving to handle. Adding a case to the already 1.5-pound unit is almost a given, but then it’s hard to …

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Snow Lizard SLXTREME 8+ iPhone case review

As Apple releases new products, case manufactures rush to add protection and fashion. Some add charging. I was recently sent a case that not only allows plugging into a charger but also has solar cells to charge your phone! It’s called the SLXtreme 8+ (because it’s from a company called Snow Lizard and is for the …

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