In reviewing headphones over the years, I’ve learned one important lesson: No single headphone will sound good to all people. But what if you could customize a headphone to how you hear music? Now you can with the nuraphone—a headphone that will automatically tune to your unique hearing bringing your music into focus. At nuraphone’s… Read More

A year ago, I said the “The Focal Elear headphone may be the best headphone available for the money today.” However, it was (and still is) 1000 bucks—no small amount for headphones regardless of budget. But that—as they say—was then. Today, Focal has swapped the E in Elear for a C and has released the… Read More

You Gadgeteers all remember wired earbuds, right? What am I saying – everyone gets a pair of these with their phone, even if it’s an iPhone 7 with no headphone jack! The quality of those bundled earbuds, however, can vary widely. ThinkSound has been doing a lot of work on improving the sound of headphones… Read More

While planar magnetic speakers have been around for a while, the tech can mostly be seen in larger speakers. And although planar magnetic headphones have been around since the 70s, they’ve only escaped cult status within the last few years. Now, many companies produce these kinds of headphones. Audeze is one of the more popular… Read More

When I reviewed Blue’s original Mo-Fi headphones in 2015, I compared its unique headband system to my wife”s over-engineered door hinge on her 1997 Lexus SC300. Fast forward two years—Blue has kept the still unusual headband design with its hinge, yet has improved on the Mo-Fi with the new Sadie headphone and vastly improved on… Read More

(Updated 30 March 2017 to reflect ability of Hammo TV to connect to two headsets at once.) There are times you want to watch TV, not the computer, and those in the general vicinity don’t really want to hear the sound. (This is known as an opportunity for innovation, or the start of an argument… Read More

We all need to listen to things on our devices from time to time without the distraction of other noises, or without causing interruption to those around us. Earbuds are the quick-and-dirty solution, but if you’re watching a movie, or sitting down for a good long study/work session, you’re going to want something a little… Read More

I have a warm spot in my heart for Torque Audio. In an industry full of “me too” products, this small headphone company has managed to be different with their customizable t096z earphones and t402v headphones. A couple of months ago, they sent me a pair of the new AMHE303 Mercedes-Benz Limited Edition X Torque… Read More

When I reviewed the Thinksound On1 headphone, I came away impressed with their good build quality and warm, inviting sound which belied their monitor name. To my ears, monitors are all about accuracy—even at the expense of fun and engaging. That’s where the On1 headphone failed and succeeded. Now, Thinksound has replaced the On1 with… Read More

It’s easy to make great speakers—at a cost. And it’s easy to make affordable speakers—at the expense of audio quality. Yet, Audioengine manages to achieve both of these objectives repeatedly. And they’ve done it again with the new HD3 Wireless Music System. “Classic speaker design with no plastic, full stereo sound, whole-house wireless and no… Read More

While I’ve tried out many types of headphones in my life, I never felt the need for noise canceling headphones. First, it was due to the battery, and second, I thought they were really pricey. When I heard about the Creative Aurvana ANC headphones, I had to give them a try. Not only were they… Read More

In my review of the new Focal Listen headphone, I mentioned that it was at the bottom rung (so to speak) of three new headphones from the French company Focal. Further up the ladder were the Elear and Utopia headphones—both very different headphones and both much, much more expensive. When I was given the chance… Read More

If it’s true that good things come in small packages, then today, better things come in small packages. Bowers and Wilkins has released the new and improved P3 Series 2 headphone. I reviewed the original P3 and said that, “The P3 headphones are a big step up for people on the move. Their warmth, detail… Read More

When I reviewed the Focal Spirit Classic, Professional and One S headphones, I marveled how a French maker of insanely expensive speakers could manage to produce affordable headphones. Yes, they’re expensive, but not when compared to their heritage. Well, that’s all changed. Focal has released three new headphones and while the Elear (review coming) headphone… Read More

As I have written here at the Gadgeteer before, Kenu designs products that are simple in design, easy-to-use, and products that just work.  You won’t see many buttons, switches, or blinking lights on their products.  If you’ll allow me to make a comparison, I think comparing Kenu products to Apple products may give you an… Read More

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