Batteries and Chargers

During the recent Florida hurricane, I spent a lot of money on a gas generator to run our fridge and a couple of fans. I had charged up our small chargers to help keep our iPhones and iPads going. but they didn’t last long. During our week without any power, we could have used something… Read More

As someone who travels a lot I often find myself in situations where my phone or other device is low or out of power and a wall outlet is not readily available.  Before I travel, I meticulously charge my phones (I carry a personal and a work phone), my headphones, iPad, and computer.  Where these… Read More

Can you imagine what the first humans thought when they were able to create fire for the first time? You can experience a tiny bit of that magic by harnessing the energy from fire to charge your gadgets. The FlameStower converts heat from a campfire into electricity that you can use to charge your USB… Read More

When it comes to day trips and travel days, I’ve been using the same portable battery pack for years to keep my phone topped off. During that time, battery packs have become not only smaller but pack more power into that smaller unit. Belkin offered their Pocket Power 5,000mAh portable charger to review and I… Read More

Paying your electric bill every month is a real drag when you can get as much power as you want from the sun – for free. Ok, it’s not totally free because you need a solar panel to collect the power and they aren’t free. But if you are interested in going green, consider starting… Read More

Stationary devotees will love their paper notebook will also love the Moleskine Power Bank because it looks just like a small classic Moleskine journal from the rounded corners to the iconic elastic band. Cute and functional. The Moleskine Power Bank features 4 LEDs that indicate charging status but information on the capacity of this power bank… Read More

I really like portable chargers that have built-in cables so that I can eliminate having to carry additional charging cables with me when I’m away from home. I have Android devices (that use only micro-USB charging cables) and iOS devices that may need a charge when traveling, so the OLALA 7800mAh Power Bank with its… Read More

I love my iPhone, but the one thing that it has been lacking in is wireless charging. You can get a case with a battery inside that will wirelessly charge, but it adds bulk, and I enjoy the small form factor of the iPhone. I noticed Bezalel had a case solely for wireless charging called… Read More

Ninety7, the same company who created the VAUX speaker for the Amazon Echo Dot which Joe reviewed earlier this summer, now has two new products. The LOFT and the DOX that have been designed for the Google Home and latest generation of the Echo Dot. The LOFT is a battery base for the Google Home that makes… Read More

The Port Solar Charger from XD Design is designed to stick to a window and use the sun’s rays to power your gadgets. This solar charger has a built-in battery that can be charged with a USB cable which will take about 2 hours or by sunlight which can take up to 20 hours. Yeah… Read More

The Chargerito is a tiny micro USB or lightning charger that puts an AC adapter and cable into a form factor that’s about the same size as your car fob. Attach the Chargerito to your keychain and you’ll always have a way to charge your iPhone or micro USB phones and gadgets without having to… Read More

If you’ve been looking for a great portable battery pack that fits in your pocket and helps give you that emergency charge you need in a pinch (fully charges an iPhone 7), now’s the time to purchase one. The RAVPower Luster Mini 3350mAh portable battery is available today for only $7! It’s only four inches… Read More

For some unknown reason, newer MacBook and MacBook Pro chargers no longer have two fold out wings to wind excess cable around. What’s up with that Apple? Instead of mumbling under your breath every time you need to carry your MacBook and charger with you when you travel, consider PowerPlay. PowerPlay adds cord organization capability to… Read More

Getting a low battery warning when you’re no where near a power outlet feels like the end of the world to a gadget nerd. That’s why power banks are a popular product category and why EasyAcc is a company who makes these types of devices for mobile Gadgeteers. Let’s take a quick look at their… Read More

FuelBox looks like a good device charging solution that can be used at home as well as when you’re mobile. It plugs into an existing wall outlet but still allows the use of two 3-prong AC power sockets on the front of the FuelBox charger.  The surge protected power station has two modules. There’s the… Read More

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