Batteries and Chargers

Getting a low battery warning when you’re no where near a power outlet feels like the end of the world to a gadget nerd. That’s why power banks are a popular product category and why EasyAcc is a company who makes these types of devices for mobile Gadgeteers. Let’s take a quick look at their… Read More

FuelBox looks like a good device charging solution that can be used at home as well as when you’re mobile. It plugs into an existing wall outlet but still allows the use of two 3-prong AC power sockets on the front of the FuelBox charger.  The surge protected power station has two modules. There’s the… Read More

Everyone has devices of some sort today. Whether it’s the shipping crew in your warehouse or the executive team meeting in the boardroom, they all have phones, tablets, and wireless earbuds that frequently need a power bump during the day. Students hover around outlets between classes and in the cafeteria. I was at a baseball… Read More

I have been reviewing charging stands almost since the first day having an Apple Watch. We have seen everything from metal folding stands to exotic wood travel stands to charging gizmos that take over every function on your nightstand but the controller for your electric blanket. Some have been great, others have been – um… Read More

Aside from my phone, power banks may be the most important tool in my gadget arsenal. I use my phone for everything and have the ability to drain the battery in a few short hours. If it weren’t for power banks, I would find myself lost in tech wilderness more often than I care to… Read More

We’ve reviewed quite a few Apple Watch chargers over the years, but the Oittm charger is the smallest charger that I’ve seen. This charger is so small that you can attach it to your keychain or carry it in your pocket. This keychain-sized power bank is compatible with all versions of the Apple watch and has… Read More

We all love our gadgets, but until the day comes when the can all recharge wirelessly, we need charging adapters and charging cables. Keeping the adapters and cables together and neatly organized isn’t an easy task unless you have help like the Cord Commander. Let’s check it out. What is it? The Cord Commander is… Read More

If you own an iPhone and an Apple Watch, you may find this beautiful aluminum dock station to be something you’re not sure how you’ve lived without.  I used to charge my phone by my bed, then charge my Apple Watch near my computer and I didn’t really have a system as to when I’d… Read More

So, external batteries are something that everyone who uses a smartphone is aware of needing. Ventev has released a new take on the battery pack, the ChargeStand. What makes it different? Take a look. Note: Photos may be tapped or clicked for a larger image. The ChargeStand comes with a flat USB to microUSB cable… Read More

You can never have too many portable chargers in my opinion.  I have them everywhere, at my house, my office, and my car.  I also give them as gifts to my friends and family, and I have reviewed many of them here at the Gadgeteer.  So I am always on the lookout for new features… Read More

I’m a big fan of wireless charging (otherwise known as Qi charging) and have been using it on and off since I began using it with a Samsung Galaxy S3 over 4 years ago. I love having a wireless charging dock on my desk at my day job and another one at home next to… Read More

You have them. I have them. What do we all have? Personal portable devices of course.  Millions of them are out there, and the more feature-rich they become, the more power they require. But because these devices are intended to be portable, we can’t always use them near a power outlet. Hence the boom in portable batteries… Read More

“Dad! Do we have another USB charger??!! The batteries in my calculator are dead and I need it for homework!”  Sound familiar to you? I think I hear phrases similar to this once or twice a week in my house. There never seems to be enough power sockets. Just prior to wiring this review, I… Read More

Carrying around enough potential energy to fuel our increasing appetite for connectivity is a never ending balancing act. Hardware engineers make energy-efficient phones and tablets, and Developers respond with ever-increasingly sticky apps and websites. Engineers make better, lighter, more efficient batteries, and we leave them on longer and whine that the device is larger. Into… Read More

What’s the worst tech catastrophe that is only a few minutes or hours away from occurring to you every single day? A dead smartphone battery! If you’re not near an outlet, the threat of no juice is a real nightmare. Am I being melodramatic? Only barely. We count on our phones for so many reasons… Read More