Batteries and Chargers

You have them. I have them. What do we all have? Personal portable devices of course.  Millions of them are out there, and the more feature-rich they become, the more power they require. But because these devices are intended to be portable, we can’t always use them near a power outlet. Hence the boom in portable batteries… Read More

“Dad! Do we have another USB charger??!! The batteries in my calculator are dead and I need it for homework!”  Sound familiar to you? I think I hear phrases similar to this once or twice a week in my house. There never seems to be enough power sockets. Just prior to wiring this review, I… Read More

Carrying around enough potential energy to fuel our increasing appetite for connectivity is a never ending balancing act. Hardware engineers make energy-efficient phones and tablets, and Developers respond with ever-increasingly sticky apps and websites. Engineers make better, lighter, more efficient batteries, and we leave them on longer and whine that the device is larger. Into… Read More

What’s the worst tech catastrophe that is only a few minutes or hours away from occurring to you every single day? A dead smartphone battery! If you’re not near an outlet, the threat of no juice is a real nightmare. Am I being melodramatic? Only barely. We count on our phones for so many reasons… Read More

Charging your devices while traveling is a pain – a small one, granted.  Remembering to bring the right “wall wart” for each device is something you generally think about when you check into the hotel.  The problem only gets worse at home – with every device having its own power adapter, you quickly develop dangerous… Read More

Who doesn’t need an extra power supply?  The devices we use every day suck down energy almost as fast as we can replenish it.  I’ve been testing these QQC Corp Q-Swap mobile power supplies for over a month, and really put them through their paces.  How did they fare?  Check this out. This mobile power supply comes with… Read More

In a world where mobile devices are proliferating, the need to keep them topped off and rapidly charged is a constant struggle. While battery life is slowly improving, so is the demand on our phone and tablet processors, making them easier to drain than ever. Fortunately, there’s also a huge market for external battery packs… Read More

The Nomad Advanced Powerpack is a well-built, powerful, ruggedized external battery pack that is unique in that it has built-in Tile integration. Not only will it quickly charge your various devices, if it’s ever misplaced you’ll be able to find it easily using Bluetooth and the Tile app. The added features will cost you though. The… Read More

I really love products that help me to organize my house and thus when the Gadgeteer was offered the Alxum 10-Port USB Smart Charging Station & Organizer, I jumped at the chance to review it. I have a side table in the living room that has been functioning as my kids’ gadget depository (four iPad… Read More

If you happened to catch my gadget diary post from yesterday where I was talking about buying a laptop dedicated to travel, you may have also seen where I said it will probably be a 12″ MacBook. If this happens, I’ll want a new travel charger to go along with my travel computer and the new… Read More

Extra power in your hands, right when you need it?  Yes, please!  This myCharge RazorUltra 12,000 mAh portable charger delivers.  Not only is it tough, sturdy and reliable, but it looks great, too.  There are a lot of portable chargers out there, but I found that this device really delivered for me.  And it has a… Read More

When I got my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ I embraced wireless charging.  I had been especially looking forward to that feature when considering the purchase of my phone, so I started looking for wireless chargers right off the bat.  I have reviewed several here on the Gadgeteer, and I now have a good idea of… Read More

Portable backup batteries are handy to have when you’re away from an electrical outlet and need to charge your devices. But they are only good for a limited number of charges before they need to be recharged themselves. Solar chargers are another backup power solution that works great as long as you’re in an area… Read More

You can never have too may power outlets!  Instead of the typical outlet strip, I get to try out the APC Essential SurgeArrest 6, which sits over your existing wall outlet, giving you not only 6 AC outlets but 2 USB charging ports, too. Specifications: Nominal Operating Voltage: 120VAC, 50-60 Hz Maximum Amperage: 15A Joule Rating… Read More

Most people may think that a 94 yr old can’t possibly have new ideas, especially when it comes to technology. But John Bannister Goodenough is poised to change the world – again. Goodenough who is a professor of mechanical engineering and materials science at the University of Texas at Austin invented the lithium-ion battery with… Read More