CEENR Universal Power Tool Battery review – The one battery system for all major power tool brands

CEENR Battery 2

REVIEW – I have a mixture of tools most being from Milwaukee, and some others from Craftsman, Worx, and Bosch. Most of the Milwaukee tools which are my go-to tools are M12 which is 12 volts, and they are more than adequate for most of the DIY work that I do, However, there are a few select tools that I would prefer to have the M18 version, which is 18~20 volts. Tool batteries are expensive, and after investing a ton of money into 12-volt Milwaukee batteries, I don’t want to do the same to accommodate the M18 versions. I wonder if there is an existing economical solution that will allow me to use the M18 versions without investing another ton of money into M18 batteries. Enter the CEENR Universal Power Tool Battery.

What is it?

The CEENR Universal Power Tool Battery is an 18~20 volt 21700 Battery Cell battery with adapters that allow you to use major brand tools from more than 10 Major brands. It features USB-C PD3.0 Bi-directional charge and  USB-A accessory charging.

What’s included?

CEENR Battery 4
CEENR Battery 20
CEENR Battery 5

  • 1 x CEENR Battery
  • 1 x Milwaukee Adapter
  • 1 x Einhell Adapter
  • 1 x Makita Adapter
  • 1 x Black & Decker Adapter
  • 1 x Bosch Adapter
  • 1 x Dewalt Adapter
  • 1 x Craftsman Adapter
  • 1 x Worx Adapter
  • 1 x Porter Cable Adapter

Tech specs

CEENR Battery 19

Design and features

CEENR Battery 22
CEENR Battery 21
The CEENR Universal Power Tool Battery is a battery that features USB-C PD and recharging and a USB-A port for accessory charging. It uses adapters to match various brands of tools. There is also an LED charge level indicator.

CEENR Battery 6
CEENR Battery 7
CEENR Battery 8
CEENR Battery 9
CEENR Battery 10

Assembly, Installation, Setup

The first task was to charge the CEENR Battery. It has 4 LEDs that indicate the charge level. (likely 25% per LED)

CEENR Battery 11


The CEENR Universal Power Tool Battery is simple and easy to use. Once charged, I decided to test it with a few of the brands that matched the adapters that CEENR had included. The process is straightforward. the adapter connects to the tool just like the battery from that brand, and then the CEENR battery attaches to the adapter. Yes!! It is that simple, and if you attach the relevant adapter to the tool, then you can just swap the battery from one brand of tool to another. The charge does last a long time and the battery recharges quickly. I just recharged the battery after a couple of days of medium-duty use once the LED indicator shower 2 lights which meant it was around 50%. I did this because I use the CEENR battery almost every day. I do not use the USB-A accessory port but I did test it and it works. I frequently use this battery to power my Milwaukee M18 Impact Driver. It is well-built and a great product overall. Here are some photos showing the steps to connect the battery to a tool:

CEENR Battery 16
CEENR Battery 12
CEENR Battery 13
CEENR Battery 14
CEENR Battery 15
Here is an overview video of the CEENR Universal Power Tool Battery:

What I like about the CEENR Universal Power Tool Battery

  • It is high-capacity
  • It recharges quickly and easily via USB-C
  • It can charge other devices via USB-C or USB-C PD
  • It performs flawlessly

What needs to be improved?

  • I think this is a fantastic product

Final thoughts

The CEENR Universal Power Tool Battery is, IMHO a great piece of gear that can be universally applied to several brands of tools. It has a high capacity and is very easy to recharge since it uses USB-C for recharging. I think the video above does a good job of explaining my final thoughts.

Price: $109 (50% off early bird special)
Where to buy: Indiegogo webpage
Source: CEENR provided a free sample of this product. CEENR did not have a final say on the review and did not preview this review before it was published.

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