Always on the lookout for small items that I can use in an emergency, I happened upon the Midori Memorandum Card and just had to share it. Made by Midori in Japan, these tiny 31-page notepads are only 2.25 x 3.33 x 0.1 inches, which makes them about the footprint of a standard credit card… Read More

Fans of Baron Fig’s Confidant notebook now have a new version to consider. It’s called the Unfinish notebook because each page in the notebook has an unfinished drawing that invites you to finish it in any way that you can imagine. The drawings are in light blue so you can ignore them if you want… Read More

Pocket notebook company Word. has just announced a new limited series of their notebooks called the Beach Vibes collection. This collection includes three different notebook that will be available in packages of three. There’s the Surf, Palm, and Beach cover styles. Once these three styles sell out, they’ll be gone forever. Each 3.5 x 5.5in… Read More

I like notebooks. Even in this increasingly digital world, in which we use apps on phones and tablets to record notes to ourselves and share them with others instantly, I find a traditional notebook to be useful. From anything to jotting a quick reminder to making to-do lists to keeping a journal, an old-school paper notebook… Read More

I’ve always been a fan of notebooks. They are great for keeping in one place all of your jotting, journaling, doodling, to-do listings, thought capturing, inventing and on and on. I’ve tried several different notebooks over the years, and my favorite had always been the venerable Moleskine. But I’m also a fan of the crowdfunding site… Read More

The picture above might look like a Kindle or another eReader device, but it’s not. It’s the reMarkable, a tablet that has been designed especially for reading, writing and sketching. You might say “Julie, we already have tablets that can do that, they are called an iPad”. You would be right… partially. You can read… Read More

For those of us that love our gadgets, but also love or need to use pen and paper to take notes the old fashioned way, the Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook could be the link between both worlds we’ve been looking for. You simply take your notes on the pad with a Pilot Frixion pen, then… Read More

I have an addiction to pens, notebooks, and notebook covers, so it’s a bad idea for me to surf Pinterest because I always find too many items to add to my wish lists. I can’t remember if I stumbled upon Makers South notebook covers on Pinterest or elsewhere, but I do know that the moment… Read More

Moleskine has unveiled two Harry Potter Limited Edition Notebooks that have artwork and special touches that true fans will immediately recognize. There’s a clothbound notebook that features the Marauder’s Map on the cover along with the inscription “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good”, and the other notebook has a Patronus Charm burgundy… Read More

If you’re a pocket notebook fan who likes to use Field Notes notebooks, Word notebooks or some other brand, you should take a look at the Pocket Journal Sleeve from Rickshaw Bagworks. This sleeve has been designed to hold a standard 3.5 x 5 inch pocket notebook along with your favorite writing instrument. Rickshaw makes… Read More

Get the best of both worlds with Moleskine’s new Two-Go notebooks. Featuring two page spreads that have lined pages on one side and blank pages on the opposite side, this type of dual layout allows you to take notes on the lined pages and draw sketches on the blank side. The Two-Go notebooks are 4.5… Read More

In 1966 The Beatles released Yellow Submarine, the title song of the animated film by the same name. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, Moleskine is debuting The Beatles Limited Edition notebook collection. This new collection of notebooks from Moleskine includes five styles and two sizes including a… Read More

Galen Leather is a company located in Istanbul Turkey (Est. 2012) that makes handcrafted leather iPad covers, laptop sleeves, wallets, bags, notebook covers and more. They sent me one of their large Moleskine notebook covers to review and it was love at first sight. Let me show you why. What is it? The Galen Leather… Read More

Field Notes alternative pocket notebook maker Word. has just announced a new set of notebooks that have covers that are inspired by topographic maps of the earth. Word. Terrain notebooks are available in three colors including orange, green and ivory. Each colored set comes with three notebooks of the same color. The 3.5 x 5.5… Read More

I’ve been using a paper journal on a daily basis for the past year. I’d tried digital journals in the past, but I’ve always enjoyed using analog tools more than apps on my smartphone. The advantages to using a digital journal over an analog journal are the ability to archive them and the ability to… Read More

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