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We’ve all been there. You’ve been running around all day in a virtual whirlwind of activity, using your phone nonstop to take photos, chat, check your bank balance, check off a shopping list item, when suddenly it hits you. That red battery indicator. “How could I be at 10% already?!” you think to yourself as… Read More

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Nokia 3310 3G

Here’s your chance to grab a rejuvenated slice of cell phone history. The iconic Nokia 3310 candy bar style cell phone is coming back in a 3G flavor on October 29th and sports a 320×240 display, a 2MP external camera and 16MB (that’s megabytes, remember those?) of internal memory. It’s compatible with GSM carriers, so… Read More

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There are times when you want your bag to be more than simply a sack to carry your laptop or loose items. You want it to act as a true accessory and complete your look, the way a nice belt or pair of shoes does. Nothing says sophistication like fine leather, and few do it… Read More

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The nights are getting longer and the veil between our world and the other side grows thin. It’s the perfect time for sharing tales of the unknown, and to get in the mood I’ve been listening to some podcasts that are perfect for exploring the dark, unknown corners of our imaginations. Spooked This weekly podcast… Read More

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The Card Wallet from Discommon Goods is about as minimal as you can get while still being able to call it a wallet, and personally, I love that about it. I have a deep appreciation for clean aesthetics and simplicity, and this feels like the distillation of what one would need from a wallet —… Read More

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I’ve been using a checkbook application on mobile devices ever since my first Palm Pilot. It was a simple application, probably cost me a dollar to download and didn’t come with many bells and whistles (and God forbid your battery died before syncing your Palm) but not having to bother with a handwritten checkbook register… Read More

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Imagine a high school where instead of normal students the attendees were bags. If the jocks were big, tough backpacks and the cool kids were sleek messenger backs, then certainly the nerds of the class would be fanny packs. I feel like they’ve been sort of unfairly picked on… sure, they’re useful but lack that… Read More

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With so many wonderful exercise tracking apps on smartphones these days, it seems like a waste of a good run to leave it at home. The trouble is finding a safe way to take it with you. Luckily, there are much better options than pocketing your device and having it slap against your thigh for… Read More

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It’s summertime again, and that means pool parties, camping, canoe trips, picnics, and barbecues. But what’s a great summer get-together without a killer soundtrack? There’s just one problem… how are you going to get everyone to actually hear that bangin’ playlist you spent all day making? Ditch the awkward phone-in-a-cup sound hack and stop worrying… Read More

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If you’ve stepped foot into a large bookstore chain, craft store or one of those places that sell educational types of toys, chances are you’ve seen something similar to the Parblo Pearl. This thin device is a pressure-sensitive LCD writing tablet designed to replace standard slate chalkboards, whiteboards, memo pads… just about anything you’d jot a… Read More

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I’ll admit it, I’m a productivity and to-do app junkie. I’ve used nearly every major to-do and task manager available and followed them through their development and new versions. But none so closely as Culture Code’s Things. Finally, after literally years in a tight-lipped closed beta, Things 3 is now available on the iOS and Mac app stores. … Read More

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Take a look at your phone. I mean, really look at it. Chances are if you’ve purchased or acquired a new phone in the last few years, it’s shiny and sleek and svelte. Or at least it was until you put that bulky case on it. Do we really need to wrap our sexy communication devices… Read More

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In a world where mobile devices are proliferating, the need to keep them topped off and rapidly charged is a constant struggle. While battery life is slowly improving, so is the demand on our phone and tablet processors, making them easier to drain than ever. Fortunately, there’s also a huge market for external battery packs… Read More

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After what seemed like an endless winter, including a late-season snowstorm that dumped a foot and a half of snow, we’re finally starting to see some decent weather. And all that sun and warmth has put one thing on my mind… long hikes on one of the many trails in the area. One of the… Read More

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I’m a firm believer in futurism, the coming-true of farfetched science fiction concepts. One of the seemingly impossible devices I remember reading about was featured in Ray Bradbury’s dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451. The main character’s wife would lie awake at night listening to the “beetles” in her ear — tiny radio earbuds — chittering away deep… Read More

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