Wireless mouse

I’ve been an advocate for wireless charging since the days of Microsoft’s SPOT watches. The SPOT watches were the first smart watches and some versions came with a wireless induction charging dock which felt ultra futuristic back in 2004. Other gadgets have adopted wireless charging features over the years, notably, Android smartphones which use Qi… Read More

What features make one mouse better than the next? Bluetooth? USB dongle? Programmable buttons? Adjustable DPI? Light effects? Rechargeable battery? I’ve been testing a Satechi Edge 2.0 Wireless Gaming Mouse for several weeks and it has some of these features. Is it just another mouse, or is it a Gadgeteer worthy cursor mover? Let’s find… Read More

I’ve been using a Logitech V470 Bluetooth Cordless Laser Mouse with my MacBook Pro for a few years now. I like the size and fact that is wireless, but lately it has started behaving strangely. The cursor moves erratically on the screen when I move the mouse, making it difficult to do detailed Photoshop edits to… Read More

When traveling it’s all about getting the maximum amount of items into the minimum amount of space. When it comes to computer peripherals we see that with small external hard drives and keyboards. The mouse seems to be the one device that although has gotten smaller, is still a bit bulky. The Recon Wireless Folding… Read More

Personally, I can’t get enough peripherals for my desktop or laptop.  I needed a mouse that was small enough to throw into my bag whenever I went out, but nothing clunky.  Since I’ve reviewed other Rapoo products before, I grabbed the chance to  review the Rapoo 3300p Wireless Optical Mouse.  Let’s take a look! Note: Images can… Read More

Let’s face it, the computer mouse changed the way we worked on computers. For better or not, the mouse has allowed just about anyone to be able to do basic functions on the computer. The thing is, there are as many different types of computer mice as there are computer types – wired, wireless, trackball… Read More

I use an Apple Bluetooth keyboard and Magic Mouse with my Mac mini desktop setup.  I’ve been surprised at how long a set of batteries last in the keyboard, but the mouse needs fairly frequent battery changes.  I’ll hang my head in shame and admit that I use disposable batteries in both devices, because I… Read More

The newly re-designed Pen Mouse from Genius doesn’t keep you tied to a desk.  With the 2.4GHz Pen Mouse, you can mouse on any surface – your hands, your jeans, or almost anything else you find.  The mouse has been redesigned for a more comfortable grip and a pen clip has been added.  Three DPI… Read More

Windows 8 has been designed to work well with touch screens, but what if you are running it on a computer that doesn’t have a touch interface?  These new products from Logitech allow you to add touch to your current laptop just by replacing your mouse or adding a touchpad.  The Zone Touch Mouse T400 (top… Read More

I never have gotten used to those newfangled trackpads, and I always need a mouse for my computer.  I also require a wireless mouse, and I spend a lot of time on my computer daily, so I need a comfortable mouse, too.  Kensington is introducing a colorful new mouse that looks like it could easily… Read More

Here’s a cool concept for the road warriors out there who need to move their gear as efficiently as possible.  The Flat Pack Mouse from designer Taewon Hwang allows you to store your mouse in your empty, unused and pretty much obsolete CD/DVD drive while traveling.  Get on site, fold your mouse , insert the… Read More

Microsoft has added a new mouse to their Touch line.  The Explorer Touch Mouse uses BlueTrack technology, combining the power of optical and precision of laser, for precise tracking on most any surface.  There are five programmable buttons on this mouse, and the scrolling strip lets you navigate up/down or side-to-side with a flick of… Read More

This Wireless Thumb Mouse from Genius combines Touch Control technology and a 1000 dpi movement sensitivity to give you control over surfing, presentations, music, movies, ebook reading, and viewing photos.  The IF-award winning mouse has a rechargeable battery and connects to your computer wirelessly with its 2.4GHz pico receiver that plugs into an open USB… Read More

Do you have trouble finding a computer mouse that you like?  One that is responsive and works well?  One that fits your hand and is comfortable – not so big you feel like you’re pushing around a brick, not so small you feel like it must have been made for a child instead of an… Read More