Charging station for your Apple Bluetooth keyboard, Magic Mouse, and Magic Trackpad

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I use an Apple Bluetooth keyboard and Magic Mouse with my Mac mini desktop setup.  I’ve been surprised at how long a set of batteries last in the keyboard, but the mouse needs fairly frequent battery changes.  I’ll hang my head in shame and admit that I use disposable batteries in both devices, because I need to keep using my computer even when batteries are exhausted.  With the Magic Feet charging station from Mobee, I could keep all my Apple devices charged – and could even keep using them while they charge – without throwing away so many disposable batteries.  The Magic Feet base station comes with a rechargeable battery pack for a Bluetooth keyboard (the model that uses 2AA batteries) and one for a Magic Mouse.  (Extra batteries are available for the mouse or for the keyboard or Magic Trackpad, if you have a multiple-device household like mine.)  To recharge the keyboard, you just slide it into the channel at the front of the Magic Feet.  Put the Magic Mouse on the white surface to recharge its battery, and you can even mouse on this surface to use the Magic Mouse as it charges.  The base station also has a 4-port USB hub, and it comes with a USB cable and a AC power adapter.  It’s $149.90 at Mobee.

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