KEEO Keyholder is a keychain alternative with a Bluetooth to your smartphone

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keeo The KEEO Keyholder is a German designed Kickstarter project for a keychain alternative. Made of stainless steel with a glass-fiber reinforced housing, the KEEO features a switchblade type mechanism that will flip out your desired key with a touch of a button. The KEEO also utilizes Bluetooth technology to pair with your iOS or Android smartphone to act as a loss prevention tool. When the KEEO and your phone are separated it will alert you. It will also display the surrounding temperature which KEEO is constantly measuring for you. It looks cool and sounds cool, but there are a couple caveats. The KEEO only holds 3 keys inside the housing. You can hang more from an external loop, but you can do that with any keychain and doing so would make the KEEO even more bulky than it is. Unlike the Keyport though, you don’t have to take special key blanks to a locksmith to create the key “blades” as the KEEO accepts non-modified keys. The Kickstarter project ends on 9/21/13 with estimated shipping in February of next year. That feels like a long way off, but if you are interested in supporting this project, the minimum pledge to reserve a KEEO is £85 (~ $131 US) which includes shipping to the US.

5 thoughts on “KEEO Keyholder is a keychain alternative with a Bluetooth to your smartphone”

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  2. RainyDayInterns

    Like all the cables/adapters required to charge our mobile devices, we will be happier when manufacturers begin adopting ways to get RID of them (induction charging, biometric locks, etc).

    Of course, all bets are off when the power goes out…so a mechanical solution sometimes does have their advantages 🙂

  3. Hello Ryan and Julie,

    No need to worry 🙂 There is plenty of space for your car key or bulkier ones in the outside loop.

    Just drop us a message when you feel like talking about KEEO!
    Chris from the KEEO team

  4. I’d be completely willing to fund the project; as I love simplifying the means in which I carry my daily goods, [wallet, phone, and especially keys] but the price is just too great.

    I understand it’s not just a keyholder, but one that cannot be easily lost thanks to the Bluetooth communication. I understand that it’s easy to flip one out for use, if your hands are tied up and it would be a hassle to jumble around for the right one.

    But with those conveniences there are drawbacks:
    •The bulk that the quick-release mechanism takes up on the holder prevent it from holding no more than a measly few keys. I own and casually use eleven keys between my car, two homes, and work.
    •The Bluetooth capability to act as a sort of lost-and-found function IS nice, but there are many compact Bluetooth capable tiles out as soon to come out that have the same usage idea behind them. These are easily obtained with their respective applications at prices under 1/5th the retail value of your product.

    I suppose it’d be more in my interest if the cost was lessened to under 91£.. maybe even 65£ – it would have caught my wallet.

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