The iPhone’s camera can take amazing pictures, but if static images bore you and you want to take your photography up a notch, you need to check out Plotagraph. What is it? Plotagraph is an easy to use image animation app for the iPhone or iPad. How does it work? First, you take a static image that… Read More

If James Bond was looking for an iPhone mount appropriate for his vintage Aston Martin, he’d probably pick the Berrolia No. 2 iPhone Mount. It’s classy. It’s beautifully constructed. Is it right for you? Let’s grab a martini (preferably shaken, not stirred) and check it out! First Impressions When I received the Berrolia No. 2… Read More

“That’s the coolest MacBook cover I have ever seen! Is that real stone?” This was the comment I received in my first meeting after setting up my new Cover-Up laptop Stone Skin. Yes, it is cool. And yes, it’s real stone. Cover-up sent me two covers for this evaluation, they are unlike anything I have… Read More

If you’re a seeker of new and innovative accessories to control your smart home, read on fellow venturer!  The PureSwitch smart plug, made by PureGear, is a gem of a find and integrates with Apple Homekit to allow you to operate your appliances and doohickeys from wherever you are.  Let’s check it out.  The Device… Read More

I have a lot of devices.  There, I said it.  Each has a purpose, but all share one common need for data, whether that is supplying it in the form of pictures (my Nikon S220 camera) or consuming it as video (my iPad and Android tablet).  The problem is that each has a different connector and… Read More

I have the iPhone 7 Plus, which is a big phone at 5.5 inches. I often look for the thinnest case possible to fit into my back pocket or small handbag. I still want protection, but without all the bulk. Totallee has released a super thin iPhone case called “the scarf”. Let’s take a look at… Read More

As I get older, I find that I often look over my glasses instead of through them because I’m at that glorious age when it’s tough to see small things like text on my phone without taking off my glasses first. Even though I wear bifocals, it’s sometimes really tough to see tiny things close… Read More

From almost the very first day selling iPads, I was asked some version of this question: “Can I control my Mac with it?” Over the half-decade since the launch of the iPad, that answer has moved from “sorta” to “yes, and there are a few solutions, but they are really hinky” to, finally, “Yes. Full… Read More

A few days ago I told you about the ADATA AI910 Lightning Card Reader Plus adapter that lets you share files between iOS, Android and Windows computers. But if you don’t care about Android or Windows, the new pqireader from PQI looks like a more compact adapter designed to share data between two devices like… Read More

Cases for smartphones are a constant subject of review here on The Gadgeteer. The latest craze I’ve seen in the case market is adding a place to store a few ID/Credit cards and some cash. The Slider, from DesignSkin, is one such case recently sent to me for testing. Note: Photos may be tapped or… Read More

Now you can use Amazon’s Alexa virtually anywhere you want using Reverb, the new free app from Rain Labs. The app connects to Amazon Echo services and allows you to use Alexa through your Mac, desktop, IOS and Android phones or tablets. And you don’t need to be connected to wifi to use it. When you open the… Read More

Brian Holmes over at Pad&Quill says that their all-new Leather Apple Pencil Grip solves every problem you never knew you had with your Apple Pencil. Made from the same full-grain American leather that P&Q uses in their other bags, the two piece Leather Apple Pencil grip is hand-sewn using a baseball-style stitching technique and has… Read More

Prynt case review

In this day and age, it’s nice to still have physical copies of favorite photos to have something tangible to look at on your desk or wall. Prynt brings a polaroid type experience by printing photos straight from your phone. It will also replay a video if you hold your phone over the photo with the Prynt… Read More

One of my favorite tech innovations of the past year is Apple’s iPad Pro paired with the Pencil. There have been many digital styli that have preceded it, but for me, nothing’s come close to touching the Pencil for note-taking and drawing. I’ve been dabbling in iPad sketching apps for almost as long as they’ve… Read More

The ADATA AI910 Lightning Card Reader Plus is a 3-way card reader that works with iOS, Android, your laptop and desktop computers. It features an SD card slot and a micro SD card slot that support cards with capacities up to 256GB. With a lightning connector and a 2-in-1 connector that has both USB A… Read More

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