“That’s the coolest MacBook cover I have ever seen! Is that real stone?” This was the comment I received in my first meeting after setting up my new Cover-Up laptop Stone Skin. Yes, it is cool. And yes, it’s real stone. Cover-up sent me two covers for this evaluation, they are unlike anything I have… Read More

I am about as AR as it gets when it comes to my tech-gear. I do my very best to keep it in perfect condition but hate bulky cases that take away from the devices’ sleek and slim form factor. I would prefer using my smartphone naked (aka no case) but would mentally kick myself if… Read More

Earlier this year I reviewed the Toast wood skin for the Nexus 6p. Its unique material and precision design, while adding little to no bulk was just the minimalistic protection I wanted for my Nexus 6p. Add in the fact, it adhered directly to my device greatly reducing the chance of grit and grime building up… Read More

I often waffle between wanting to use my device naked (aka no case) and using a big, bulky case to protect my coveted smartphone. Typically what I do falls between the two extremes with some sort of slim case that provides a moderate degree of protection without giving up too much of the devices sleek… Read More

My hands are always drier than the desert, and the skin on my knuckles is usually cracked and often bleeding.  This used to happen to me only in the winter, but it’s a year-round thing for me now.  I slather on lotion, but it’s cold and stings.  The Heated Lotion Dispenser from Sharper Image will… Read More

Eguann offers something rather unique for your laptop- 3D skins featuring a pattern carved into a scratch-proof, water-resistant rubbery skin! There are several plain and patterned options, many with a military theme. I asked for what looked like a black random pattern and a red ‘dot’ pattern that reminded me of LEGO. They arrived in… Read More

You’ve probably seen the mobile camera apps that make your digital images look like old polaroid shots? Infectious is selling the Photoroid skins for the iPhone, iPod Touch, HTC EVO, Blackberry and iPad that will make your favorite device look like a Polaroid camera. I’m not sure why you’d want this skin for your iPad… Read More

I’ve always been a proponent of protection for my personal gadgets.  Ever since walking out of the AT&T store with my iPhone 3GS in hand, I’ve had it encased in some sort of…well, case.  However, I’d been researching a few of the many “skin” protective type products on the market when I was given the… Read More

The Apple iPad isn’t even available for pre-order yet, but we’re already getting a flood of cases and skins being announced. Here’s another… Booq is unveiling the Boa skin XS. Available in 5 colors: turquoise, yellow, violet, sand, and black, the Boa is a slip case that is constructed with a Twylon base and a… Read More

I am a fan of keeping your handheld in a case. I regularly change my cases around, depending on use or mood. When I was offered the ZAGGskin for iPhone to review, I looked at the patterns on the web site, choose one, and thought (incorrectly) that it would be a case with that pattern… Read More

The Phone Slipper is the second product that I have reviewed that allows you to combine your iPhone and your wallet. People like me who don’t like to carry a lot of items with us when we are out and about love this stuff. I have been using the Case-Mate ID case since reviewing it… Read More