Macbook accessory

Do you remember the Wipebook reusable journal that featured whiteboard style pages that could be wiped clean and used over and over again? If you thought that sounded useful, consider the Sketchcase Whiteboard Skin that turns your MacBook into a real whiteboard that you can write on with markers – even permanent markers.  The Whiteboard Skin… Read More

For some unknown reason, newer MacBook and MacBook Pro chargers no longer have two fold out wings to wind excess cable around. What’s up with that Apple? Instead of mumbling under your breath every time you need to carry your MacBook and charger with you when you travel, consider PowerPlay. PowerPlay adds cord organization capability to… Read More

I’ll be honest, I like nice things. I have a brand new LG G6 smartphone on the table next to me, a 12″ MacBook at home, and a MINI Cooper in the parking lot. I save my money and I buy above average quality products with a hope that they will last longer than cheaper… Read More

I recently sold my 13″ MacBook Pro to a friend at work after having purchased a refurbed 12″ MacBook. You might think that’s a step in the wrong direction going from the powerful MBP to a slower MB. But I absolutely love the MB because it’s small, lightweight, and does everything I need in a… Read More

If you use your MacBook with a monitor, a separate keyboard, and a mouse, you know that having it lying flat on your desk just takes up valuable room. The High-End Vertical Aluminum MacBook Holder IPS-Z28 from Seenda can solve this problem by positioning the MacBook vertically and out of the way.  This space saving stand… Read More

“That’s the coolest MacBook cover I have ever seen! Is that real stone?” This was the comment I received in my first meeting after setting up my new Cover-Up laptop Stone Skin. Yes, it is cool. And yes, it’s real stone. Cover-up sent me two covers for this evaluation, they are unlike anything I have… Read More

The new SVALT D2 Performance Cooling Dock has been designed to keep professional laptop workstations like high-end Apple MacBooks cool when doing CPU intensive tasks like video, image editing, etc. You know what happens when you push your laptop to the max, the fans come on. The SVALT D2 Performance Cooling Dock has an external… Read More

Even though the latest MacBooks have great battery life, they aren’t magical. At some point the battery will drain and you’ll need to hunt for your charger and an outlet. Dead batteries tend to happen at the worst moment, but if your MacBook has a USB-C port, the Kanex GoPower with its built in 15,000mAh… Read More

Mujjo’s Carry-On Folio Sleeve for the 12 inch Macbook combines full grain vegetable tanned leather, felted wool and gun-metal hardware to create a stylish case that looks great while protecting your laptop and other daily essentials. This is a compact case that has been designed with portability in mind and features a unique handle that… Read More

My main computer is a 13″ Apple MacBook Pro. I enjoy using it because it’s portable, has a retina display and great battery life. One thing I don’t like so much about it is that the disk space is not upgradable. Adding extra space for applications, music, photos and other files after the main disk… Read More

Over Christmas, I finally jumped into the MacBook scene and picked up a 13″ MacBook Pro with Retina display. The first thing I thought when I bought it was, “I need to find some sort of case for this expensive laptop!” For the first few months, I carried the laptop in two hands always, and… Read More

The 13″ MacBook EDC Kit is a sleek, minimal bag that’s big enough to carry a 13″ MacBook laptop, iPad, phone, mouse, cables, chargers, and other things you need to make it through your day in the internal pockets.  The outside front of the bag is covered with Molle webbing, where you can stash everything… Read More

Ten One Design’s Mountie is a specially designed clamp that will let you attach an iPhone, iPad, other smartphones and tablets to a MacBook or iMac. The clamp works with any MacBook or iMac made after 2012 and iPhone 4 and newer, iPad Air 1 & 2, iPad minis, and other devices that have a… Read More

You can add up to 128GB of additional storage to your MacBook without having to have a new disk installed.  With the Nifty MiniDrive, you can add storage to most recent models of the MacBook with an SD card slot.  The MiniDrive is essentially an SD card adapter for microSD cards, but it’s designed to fit… Read More

Although The Goods repeatedly states that The Loop case is for men, I don’t see anything that makes it unsuitable for women.  The Loop is made of durable, 5-oz Dakota black vegetable oil-tanned cowhide leather.  The pouch at the bottom holds the power brick and the thin cord with the MagSafe connector for either the MacBook… Read More