Keep your MacBook Pro cool as a cucumber with the SVALT D2 Cooling Dock


The new SVALT D2 Performance Cooling Dock has been designed to keep professional laptop workstations like high-end Apple MacBooks cool when doing CPU intensive tasks like video, image editing, etc. You know what happens when you push your laptop to the max, the fans come on. The SVALT D2 Performance Cooling Dock has an external sensor that monitors your laptop’s temperature and adjusts its built-in fans from 0 to 3600 RPM to send cooling air directly into the laptop’s central cooling intake vent, where it cools the CPU and GPU processors without requiring any laptop modifications.


The SVALT D2 Performance Cooling Dock is made in the US and is carved from solid aerospace aluminum. It provides two-pound solid heat sink that doubles as a laptop support. Be sure to check their laptop compatibility page to see if your laptop is included.

With a price tag of $295, the SVALT D2 Performance Cooling Dock is VERY spendy but if you want one, head over to for all the details.

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