Sevenhugs hugOne is a sleep tracking device for the whole family

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Every sleep tracking device that I’ve seen and reviewed so far has been designed for one person. The Sevenhugs hugOne is a sleep monitoring device for the whole family. The hugOne tracks sleep patterns, temperature, humidity and air quality to create the best environment for a restful night’s sleep. The hugOne system is comprised of a base unit and up to eight individual sleep sensors that are placed under the sheet next to the mattress. That’s right, they aren’t wearable, which I have found uncomfortable. 

The sleep monitoring system learns each family member’s sleep cycle and works with an alarm clock app that wakes you at the best moment in the sleep cycle each morning. Each of the sensors called miniHugs shut off electronic transmissions when a presence is detected. The sensor begins recording sleep data automatically until the user leaves the bed and then uploads the data to the app. The hugOne is compatible with Nest smart thermostats and Philips Hue light bulbs which allows users to fall asleep with sunset light and wake up to sunrise light, while adjusting nighttime and daytime temperatures for comfort. The hugOne base unit with two miniHug sleep sensors is available from Amazon for $179, with additional sensors retailing for $49 each. You can find more info at

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