This month, my Mrs. and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Not a small feat in this day and age. Neither of had previous marriages and we didn’t cohabitate before we tied the knot.  Archaic? Maybe, but it’s worked for us so far. We don’t have too many difficulties, despite having a mixed-race, multicultural… Read More

For qauntified self junkies who not only want to track their own health stats, but also those of their pet’s, comes FitBark. FitBark is a small wearable fitness tracker designed just for dogs. Available in 6 colors, the FitBark tracker attaches your best friend’s collar and tracks Fido’s activity throughout the day. But unlike other… Read More

When it comes to sleep, the usual rule of thumb is that everyone needs 7-8 hours of sleep each night. But what if half or more of those hours are spent tossing and turning or staring at the ceiling wishing you were asleep. That’s where neurotech startup Rythm hopes to help with their Dreem sleep-enhancing… Read More

If you are having trouble sleeping or you’re feeling overly anxious, trying Relax Pro by Thync could be a drug-free and fairly inexpensive way to get some relief. This device stimulates your nerves to trigger a natural mechanism inside your body which signals your autonomic nervous system to allow your mind to tell your body… Read More

There are a few things that I dreamed about having when I was a kid. A tree house, a moped, LEGO, and bunk beds. So far, the only item from that list that I’ve gotten as an adult is the LEGO, but now that I’ve seen the Disc-O-Beds, I just might fulfill my childhood wish for bunk… Read More

Apple has finally rolled out Night Shift on the newest update to macOS Sierra. Night Shift is a program that gradually removes the blue light of your display to help relieve eye strain and help you sleep better. A similar program, f.lux, has been available cross-platform for a while now, but Apple decided to include a… Read More

For all the chronic snooze bar pressers of the world comes the Witwatia Pressure Sensitive Alarm Clock. The Witwatia alarm clock is not like ordinary alarm clocks that rest on the night stand next to your bed. This alarm clock goes on the floor like a rug. Yes, the floor. The Witwatia Pressure Sensitive Alarm… Read More

Even as a frequent business traveler, I have not mastered the art of sleeping on long flights.  I’ve used a variety of horseshoe shaped neck pillows, but have not found a satisfactory product.  These days, I reserve window seats and lean against the fuselage for some shuteye. The main issue I’ve had with current neck support… Read More

In my almost 20 years of reviewing products, this has to be the most and the largest boxes that I’ve ever received for one review.  What is it you ask? It’s the “it bed” by Sleep Number. But Julie, you review gadgets, how is a bed a gadget? The it bed is no ordinary bed… Read More

Many years ago I created my own “wake up light” by setting up a timer to a lamp next to my bed.  It was clumsy and blasted full light in the morning.  Now there’s a more refined way to achieve the same results with the IPEAK wake up light. I noticed the box was unbranded… Read More

Every sleep tracking device that I’ve seen and reviewed so far has been designed for one person. The Sevenhugs hugOne is a sleep monitoring device for the whole family. The hugOne tracks sleep patterns, temperature, humidity and air quality to create the best environment for a restful night’s sleep. The hugOne system is comprised of… Read More

There are many people out there that struggle with sleep apnea. For those of you who are not familiar with it, “Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is typically caused by a blockage of the airway when the soft tissue in the rear of the throat collapses during sleep” thus causing the person to temporarily stop breathing… Read More

Quite a few fitness trackers have built in sleep tracking. The idea is that people want to know how well they are sleeping each night. I know that I bought into that thinking myself and have reviewed several sleep tracking gadgets over the years. But do these gadgets really help you improve your sleep? I… Read More

Withings has split their Aura sleep tracking gadget into two different packages. One without the sleep sensor and one that performs just as a connected alarm clock. The Aura Connected Alarm Clock + Sleep Sensor Accessory is priced at $299.95 and the Aura Connected Alarm Clock is priced at 189.95. The difference is that the… Read More

In recent years, there’s been a lot of discussion about how the blue light from the screens of mobile devices could be negatively impacting sleep patterns.  Humans evolved having bright, bluish-white light from the sun during part of the day.  The only light they had at night was either from the stars and moon or… Read More