Marchpower Cooling Blanket review

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REVIEW – I have always been a hot sleeper. It isn’t uncommon for me to wake up soaked in sweat even in the winter. Unfortunately, I’m also one of those people who can’t sleep without a blanket. This brings on the classic conundrum of finding a blanket that I can use that won’t turn my side of the bed into a swamp. I’ve always been skeptical of cooling blankets due to their claims and price so when I had a chance to review the Marchpower Cooling Blanket I jumped at the chance. This blanket did not let me down and I regret not getting one sooner in life.

What is it?

Marchpower Cooling Blanket is a blanket specifically designed to absorb heat and wick away sweat to keep the user cool.

Design and features

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It’s hard to brag about a blanket but the Marchpower Cooling Blanket is worth it. The blanket has two different sides, a 80% nylon and 20% polyethylene mix (left) and a 100% cotton side (right). The nylon side is very smooth and slippery feeling which made me worry about snagging. Between rough feet and cat claws, I figured the fabric would immediately be ripped and snagged, however, to my very pleasant surprise, it is still in perfect condition. The smooth side still gets caught on any rough skin and doesn’t slide perfectly but it hasn’t caused any pilling as of yet. It is also interesting to note that the blanket consists of two different fabrics just held together with the binding on the edges. I received a twin-sized blanket so not having any anchoring stitching in the middle of the blanket wasn’t an issue for me but it may be an issue with the larger sizes.

Having two different sides means you can use the blanket with either side facing you. Personally, I preferred having the nylon side facing me. This side stayed cool even during use so if I got hot all I had to do was shift the blanket slightly to a cold area. It also felt like a fan was blowing on me where the blanket was touching me keeping me cool as well. The first few nights I used it, I woke up dry. However, there was a heat wave where I live and when the temperature started to increase the effectiveness did slowly decrease. It isn’t a magical cure but definitely reduced the night sweats on super warm nights. Another thing to note about using the nylon side down is it’s slippery! This means if you toss and turn a lot at night the blanket does not stay in place and will get tangled up around you or slide off you to the side. If this really bothers you, this blanket may not be for you or get a size up which is what I personally recommend.

I found the cotton side of the Marchpower Cooling Blanket worked as well but did not provide the same cooling effect as the nylon side. It did keep me cooler than a standard blanket or sheet but it was warm to the touch and the effects weren’t as noticeable. I only use the cotton side for one night before I switched back to using the nylon side.

The cleaning instructions are super easy as well. The tag specifies gentle washing up to 30°C or 86°F then hang in the shade to dry. Between you and me, my cat threw up on the blanket and I just tossed it in the standard washer and dryer with some dirty clothes and no harm came to it. I can not speak to how this will affect the longevity of the blanket but the blanket did not melt or seem to have any structural issues. However, if you don’t follow the directions, do so at your own risk. The tag also specifies to not iron, bleach or dry clean.

What I like

  • Dual sided for different levels of cooling
  • Actually keeps you cool and stays cool during use

What I’d change

  • The restrictive cleaning instructions

Final thoughts

As someone who was very skeptical of a gimmicky cooling blanket, I have been completely converted. I will be using the Marchpower Cooling Blanket for the foreseeable future especially with summer coming. I am excited to see how well it works in warmer weather. I am also notoriously rough on my things so I’m curious as to the longevity of a blanket that will be abused by my pets. With that being said, if you have ever been curious about a cooling blanket, I definitely recommend trying out the Marchpower Cooling Blanket as it really does work!

Price: Throw – $36, Twin – $47, Queen – $67 & King – $80
Where to buy: Marchpower and Amazon (10% off  with code: 25NFFE7R  expires: 12-31-2023)
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Marchpower.

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