EcoFlow has done it again with their new Delta Pro 3 power station

Delta Pro 3 1
ARTICLE – Last December 2023, I was invited to attend the EcoFlow event in NYC that introduced the Delta Pro Ultra. I enjoyed chatting with Ryan from EcoFlow and the PR Reps from Berlin Rosen.

A couple of weeks ago I was thrilled when I received an invitation to attend the NYC EcoFlow Event 2024 which was being held to launch the Delta Pro 3 Power Station. I already knew it would be a great experience and could not wait to attend.

I attended the event, and I can truly say it lived up to the hype and beyond. I initially could not find the right entrance, but Cherie from Berlin Rosen came down to the street to greet me and to make sure that I found the correct entrance. When I exited the elevator onto the top floor of the Midtown Loft and Rooftop terrace, I was immediately greeted by other staff from Berlin Rosen and they made me feel welcome and ready to mingle.

When I looked around the room, I saw various techies and several EcoFlow products. I recognized the Glacier, the River 2, and the Wave 2, but my eyes immediately turned toward the sleek and beautiful structure that is the Delta Pro 3. Everything about this power station is designed to draw you into it. The ports are well placed, the display looks like the dashboard from a high-end sports car and I was beyond thrilled with the inclusion of a built-in 240V port.

EcoFlow made sure that the atmosphere was welcoming and that drinks and food were included. I did not get to eat or drink anything because once Ryan from EcoFlow recognized and greeted me, we chatted for probably close to 45 minutes. If you are an Ecoholic like me, you have to take a look at the DP3. It will more than likely fit into your ECO and Ecoholic needs.  The EcoFlow Delta Pro 3 will launch on June 24th, 2024. Here are some photos of the DP3. More to come…

Delta Pro 3 2
Delta Pro 3 8
Delta Pro 3 3
Delta Pro 3 4
Delta Pro 3 5
Delta Pro 3 6
Delta Pro 3 7


  • Fast Charging: 0-80% in 50 minutes
  • 7 Charging options including AC (1800W), Solar (2600W), Gas generator (3200W), and a combination of options totaling (7000W)
  • LFP Battery provides a long lifespan
  • 5-year warranty

Price: TBA
More info: Ecoflow

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  2. Not much information on the device in this piece. As I’m not an “Ecoholic”, can you explain which of their offerings would be best for an off-grid cabin? I’m building one in Canada and need a solution that can power and heat the house and be charged by both solar panels and a wind turbine. It should be modular – i.e. I want to start off with, say, 6kwh storage, and add to that as needed.

  3. Hi Thomas,
    This article was just for me to talk about the NYC event and to let folks know that the Delta Pro 3 is being released. EcoFlow has solutions for just about every scenario.
    If you are on Facebook, you should join the EcoFlow Delta Series Official Group. There are folks on there who can answer all of your questions in detail and then some and they are very friendly.

  4. You’ll need to get the Delta Pro or Delta Pro 3. The Delta 2 Max is great but only has 2,000-6,000 watt hours of capacity and cannot expand any further. The Delta pro ranges from 3,600-10,800 watt hours of energy storage. The Delta Pro can accept up to 1,600 watts of solar but in real life it is hard to max it out because it has 150V/15 Amp limits.

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