Aviator Slide wallet review

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REVIEW – If you’re still sporting a chunky bi-fold style wallet, it’s time to consider upgrading to something slimmer and way more stylish. One option worth checking out is the Aviator Slide wallet from Germany. It’s a minimalist wallet with maximum features.

What is it?

The Aviator Slide is a minimalist wallet that can hold your credit cards, coins, and paper cash in a slim, pocket-friendly form factor.

What’s in the box?

  • Aviator Slide wallet (Obsidian Black Carbon version)
  • T5 screwdriver

Design and features

The Aviator Slide wallet is made of two pieces of aluminum sandwiched together and held together with an elastic band. Credit cards are held between the two pieces and there’s a smaller square of carbon fiber that is used as a money clip attached to the outside of the wallet.

The elastic allows the Aviator Slide to accommodate quite a few cards. But before we go any further, let’s take a look at what I usually carry in my pocket when I go into a store.

I use the Identity wallet (sadly, it’s no longer being sold) which holds 6-8 cards and then I clip several dollars together with a binder clip. Let’s see how using the Aviator Slide Wallet compares to what I’ve been using.

We’ve all seen this type of minimalist wallet before. But the Aviator Slide has a couple of extra features that make it stand out from the crowd. First of all the slide feature makes retrieving cards easier than most wallets of this style.

With a tug of the built-in strap, the cards raise above the top edge of the wallet so that you can quickly pull out the one you need.

The cash clip on the outside of the Aviator Slide wallet can hold 5 or so folded bills. You can decide if you want a carbon fiber clip or a 3D printed plastic clip with the Swiss or Canadian emblem. As you can see, I was sent the carbon fiber cash clip. I don’t seem to use cash very often anymore so this feature makes the wallet bulkier than it needs to be (for me).

But no worries because you can remove it if you don’t need to use it. More on that later.

This wallet also features a drawer that Aviator calls the Coin Holder. Yes, a drawer slides out of one side of the wallet and has space for several coins, SIM cards, memory cards, keys, or other small flat objects.

The coin holder which is included by default with the Slide wallet is made of aluminum, but you can customize the wallet with a thicker coin holder that can hold double the amount of change, and even a carbon fiber coin holder which holds the same number of coins as the default slim aluminum holder, but hey, it’s carbon fiber!

The coin holders are even lined with a velvet-like material that helps to keep the objects from sliding around and rattling while the wallet is in your pocket.

The Aviator Slide wallet is easily customizable. As mentioned earlier, you can remove the cash clip if you opted for one and then decided it was to bulky for your liking. All you have to do is use the handy dandy screwdriver that Aviator includes with the wallet to remove 8 tiny Torx screws.

Once the side of the wallet is lifted off, you can see the genius design that allows you to customize the tightness of the elastic band and length of the slide strap. Why would you need to adjust the straps other than to remove the cash clip? To change the number of cards that you carry. Tightening or loosening the straps allow more or fewer cards to be used with the wallet.

Just be careful if you do decide to customize the wallet because the screws are easy to lose and extras screws are not included.

Let’s compare the wallet set up I was using before with the Aviator set up using the same cards and cash.

Both wallet configs are about the same thickness, but with the Aviator, you’re just carrying one thing instead of two and you can carry a key and some coins in the coin holder drawer.

What I like

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Coin holder and Money clip
  • RFID protection
  • Strap to raise credit cards

What I’d change

  • More colors?

Final thoughts

I’ve had the opportunity to review other wallets that feature two plates that hold cards between them and I have to say that the Aviator Slide wallet is leaps and bounds better than the others I’ve tried. It’s lightweight but strong and there are no sharp edges. But the addition of the slide strap, coin holder, and cash clip makes the Aviator Slide wallet a perfect minimalist wallet.

Price: starts at €65.00 (€85.00 as reviewed)
Where to buy: aviatorwallet.com
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Aviator Wallet.

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  2. i’ve carried eelskin trifold wallets for the last thirty plus years
    not much thicker, loaded, than most “minimalist” wallets i’ve seen in the wild

    i’ve stitched up dozens of “card” wallets…driving license, a credit card or two and some cash…inevitably they show up deformed and ruined because folks put too much stuff in them


  3. Wouldn’t a binder clip do the job for 4-5 cards?

    I can’t beat the thinness of Allett’s traditional dual-fold wallet with 4 inner slots for cards. I carry 10 cards and a $20 bill (separate cash wallet by same company in a different pocket). It’s 1/2″ thick at its middle, and tapers at the edges to conform to one’s sitting anatomy.

  4. Must every wallet be “minimalist”? It seems that’s the only kind featured here. These “wallets” are just business card holders that don’t protect your money from getting torn or krinkled.

  5. Would love to see a side by side comparison on how thick your loaded Identity wallet vs. your loaded aviator slide. I feel like with the slide with the coin tray and metal sides is just larger than I would like even before anything has been added, or are they not as thick as the appear in the photos?

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