IDENTITY Card wallet review

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I am very picky about my EDC. I want quality items that are simple to use and are as minimal as possible when it comes to how much space they take up. About a year ago I realized that I almost never use cash anymore. When I buy something it’s easier to swipe a credit card than it is to unzip my wallet, pull out the required cash, receive any change back, place that change back in the wallet and zip it back up. Not to mention the fact that wallets tend to be bulky because they accumulate extra stuff by way of receipts and other paper as time goes by. So I switched to a minimal wallet and after trying a few different ones, the IDENTITY Card wallet is my current hard-to-beat favorite. Let’s check it out.

What is it?

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The IDENTITY Card wallet is an ultra small and ultra light weight minimalist wallet that is made of aerospace-grade carbon fiber.

Design and features

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The IDENTITY Card wallet has a unique “folded” one-piece design that allows you to separate your cards into two piles. The wallet can hold four cards on one side of the wallet and four cards on the other side.

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The wallet has a footprint almost the same size as a regular credit card. It’s the smallest wallet I’ve found so far.

The sides are smooth to the touch with no rough edges

IDENTITY offers the wallet with or without a logo badge on the front. During their crowdfunding campaign, they sent me a sample of the wallet with a logo badge. Now they are also offering it without the badge. I like the badgeless version best because the edges of the logo made it harder to insert the wallet into my pocket.

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Here are all the cards that I carry in the IDENTITY Card wallet. I have several regular plastic credit cards along with a few thinner paper cards and some Gadgeteer business cards that I can use as note cards if I need to.

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The stack of card slides into the side and is held securely in place by the sides of the wallet.

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Even with all the cards inserted into the wallet, it’s still very thin.

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The diagonal cutouts on the front and back make it easy to slide out the top card with your thumb.

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The IDENTITY Card wallet fits very easily into my pocket and is so thin that I barely even notice that it’s there.

Final thoughts

I have zero bad things to say about the IDENTITY Card wallet. As long as you are ok with the fact that you can’t use it to carry cash, it’s the perfect wallet for minimalists. I absolutely love it.

Update 7/23/19

I’ve been using the IDENTITY wallet for over 2 years now and it still looks and works like the day I received it. I can’t imagine finding another minimalist wallet that I’ll like better.

I’ve had people ask me about the IDENTITY wallet many times at the checkout counter of various stores due to its unique design.

I continue to hope that new designs will come out at some point or at least other colors. But as is, it’s the perfect pocket credit card holder/wallet for me.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by IDENTITY Wallets. Please visit their site for more info and use the promo code: IDGADGETEER to save 10%.


Product Information

Manufacturer:IDENTITY Wallets
  • Almost the exact size of a credit card
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn't hold cash

18 thoughts on “IDENTITY Card wallet review”

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  2. Ruud van der Ham

    I fully agree with your review. I love mine!
    And … avoid the version with the logo. It’s ugly and non minimalistic.

    1. It’s not impossible to carry cash. You can fold up a couple bills and put them between two cards. Since I very rarely use cash these days, I just put a couple bills in my pocket before walking into a store if I know I need cash for something.

  3. Thanks to Julie’s 20th Anniversary giveaway, I just received one of these. It is really small – 1/4 the volume of the wallet I usually carry around! The small size is nice, esp. when I wear pants that don’t agree with a thick wallet. On mine, it is a bit tight for even 3 cards per side, but I usually need only 4 cards anyway. I think I will set it up for use on days that I know I won’t need cash, or days when I wear my nicer pants.

    I used to be in the carbon composites business. Their workmanship is quite good – smooth inside and out, nice rounded edges, no chips or frays. The photos above show the surface textures accurately.

  4. Julie, I’m ready to move on from my Waterfield Finn – because my smartphone has outgrown it – to a somewhat slimmer design. However, I don’t know if I’m looking for “minimalist” because I think I’d still want to carry the equivalent of about 8 credit cards and half a dozen folded bills. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  5. I visited the Waterfield website and discovered their Victor wallet, which looks interesting and holds cash plus up to 10 credit cards. (And they call it “minimalist”! ? ) It has received great reviews but I’m a little put off by the elastic band. I found another wallet that may fit my needs and aesthetics better, the Mitchell Leather Money Clip Wallet. Neither of these are Gadgeteer-reviewed, unfortunately! But I may give the Mitchell a try once I decide which type/color to get.

  6. Just started using the IDENTITY and I lov it, and used the 10% off as well, so 30.000 delivered was good.
    But yes def no more than 3 cards on each side or you’ll never get them to move unless u pry open gently a side then use your thumb to push! I do carry cash with it although never more than 2 bills, I just wrap it around a card that’s ion the middle…
    I have no issues with it.

  7. @Julie
    Have you noticed that Identity has recently started a Kickstarter campaign for a new wallet. Quite different from the first version, but still very minimalistic. I am now a backer.

    Could you pay attention to this new wallet, so that the creator can at least reach the goal?

      1. Ugh. I just went to their Kickstarter page to check it out and I’m disappointed. Their new wallet is just a copycat of similar wallets already available. Their original wallet was so much better. They should have just made more of that style in different colors. 🙁

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