I do not like those inflatable neck pillows I see other use when traveling by plane.  To me, they look ridiculous and they’re about as comfortable as sleeping on an air mattress (not comfortable).  I thought I’d give the Roamwild Surround Travel Pillow a try.  Would this be a step up? Side pillows?  This is… Read More

If you need white noise to help you fall asleep, there are lots of options.  You can simply run a fan or an air purifier in your bedroom, or you can use any of a variety of white-noise generating gadgets, but many of these make enough noise that they might become a source of irritation… Read More

Early last year I was sent a PolarPillow to review (linked below in related links section) and didn’t give it a very favorable review because I found it to be too heavy and flat for my own liking. The folks at PolarPilow recently contacted me again to ask if I’d like to review an updated version of… Read More

The average person gets 8hrs of sleep per day, that means most of us end up spending a 1/3rd of our lives in bed. If you spend that much time doing any activity, you should be as comfortable as possible right? Technogel Sleeping products have been designed with the mission of “making your world more comfortable”. I… Read More

Ever feel like you need a quick nap during work or school?  The Ostrich Pillow from Kawamura Ganjavian architecure and design studio lets you nap in peace. Put your head in the “sand” and ignore that fast paced world around you.  Discrete it’s not however and breathing might be a problem :) “OSTRICH offers a… Read More

I’ve seen pillows used as iPhone stands before. like the Movie Wedge reviewed by Andy Chen.  Until now, I’d never seen a pillow that looked like an iPhone.  iCushions.net offers reproductions of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G in pillow form.  The pillows have a polyester/spandex fabric covering and polystyrene bead filling.  The pillows measure… Read More

I’m not a big fan of falling asleep with the television on.  I do it a lot, but sometime around…say 2 am, I am awakened by loud screaming from whatever cheesy slasher movie is on or the rattling sounds of war from whatever action film is on or worse yet…the sound of some loud-mouth pitchman… Read More

Besides daydreaming about taking a nap while you’re at work, have you given much thought about pillows lately? Yeah, me neither. There really hasn’t been a lot of technological breakthroughs in pillow construction since… umm… they were originally invented. That is until now. The Side Solution Pillow from AbsolutelyNew is a new design for an… Read More