Kid Gadgets

As sad as it is to say, it’s not uncommon to hear about a parent accidentally leaving their baby in the back seat of their car. You know how the story usually ends when something like this happens. No one wants to be part of a story like that. One possible solution is a product… Read More

Before receiving Cubetto, the thought of teaching computer programming to our young boys, ages four and six, never crossed our minds. Even though I am an engineer, I had not yet considered how to give them some basic tools that would perk their interest in STEM subjects, specifically computers.  Our kids are as efficient as any… Read More

If you think back to your favorite toys when you were a kid, were they video games or were they toys that let you use your imagination like construction sets and other building toys? I’m going to show my age here, but some of my favorite toys when I was a budding gadgeteerling were Lincoln Logs, Tinker… Read More

When I was a kid, I got a wallet-busting $5 a week allowance and I was lucky if there was anything left at the end of the week to put in my piggy bank for a rainy day. Now BusyKid is enabling parents to help their children earn money from chores that can be used to… Read More

New from No Starch Press: Coding iPhone Apps for Kids A Playful Introduction to Swift by Gloria Winquist and Matt McCarthy. This book teaches children and adults to code in Apple’s free beginner-friendly programming language called Swift. This 336-page book full-color book is a fun guide that will explain the building blocks of app programming… Read More

SNL’s Amy Poehler and her Smart Girls organization have teamed up with Lenovo to use gaming as a vehicle to help teach kids (boys and girls) to learn to program for free. Lenovo’s Game State site allows kids to learn code development at their own pace while having fun at the same time. To advance… Read More

Yesterday I told you about John Goodenough a 94 year old physicist who has invented a new battery technology that will change the world, and today I want to tell you about a 12 year old gadget fanatic who is part of the next generation of gadget reviewers. 12 year old MuthuVignesh Meenakshisundaram started his… Read More

One of my children suffered from a febrile seizure many years ago (seizures that are brought on by a spike in body temperature over a short period of time). Apparently, these are fairly common, and to decrease the likelihood of a recurrence, the parent needs to monitor the sick child’s temperature fairly closely and administer… Read More

The Geosafari Adventure Pens from Educational Insights promote curiosity, exploration, a love of science, discovery and an early appreciation for unusual pens. There are three different pocket-sized pens that have been designed to let your little scientist go out into the world to collect and study specimens from Land, Light, and Water. The Land Adventure… Read More

One of my best memories of Christmas when I was a kid, was getting a brand new box of Crayola Crayons. Opening the box and seeing all the perfect new crayons made me smile. But that smile didn’t last very long once I started using them. It didn’t take long for tips to break and… Read More

Modarri offers toy race car kits that inspire creativity and building skills for kids and even adults (I don’t judge). Instead of giving kids toys that they will tire of in a few days and end up in a landfill, you can give them a toy that they can change up anytime they like while… Read More

If your kids like playing with Matchbox and other brands of small toy race cars, you’ve probably have the bruises on the bottom of your feet from accidentally stepping on one or more that were left on the floor after play time. Pair that pain with the mess of race tracks all over the floor… Read More

My son Joey is now 10, and like many his age, loves Minecraft.  I’ve seen other attempts at creating educational products with Minecraft, but nothing quite like the Piper Computer kit.  A “build it yourself” computer that plays Minecraft?  I decided to take a hands-off approach and let my son build it all by himself… Read More

As I have written here at the Gadgeteer before, Kenu designs products that are simple in design, easy-to-use, and products that just work.  You won’t see many buttons, switches, or blinking lights on their products.  If you’ll allow me to make a comparison, I think comparing Kenu products to Apple products may give you an… Read More

The Elli Rolling Coins Bank is a cute way for kids (and adults) to save their pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. This bank is shaped like a pachyderm. That’s an elephant for those of you who are not up on the 19th-century taxonomic order of mammals (yes, I got that from Wikipedia. Don’t judge me)… Read More