Here’s a unique gift idea for the person who has everything and doesn’t take insulin. It’s a personalized face lollipop from Prezzybox in the UK. Send in a photo of your favorite person, choose a flavor from their selection of five flavors that include strawberry, passion fruit, orange, apple or tutti frutti, and let them… Read More

Fans of Baron Fig’s Confidant notebook now have a new version to consider. It’s called the Unfinish notebook because each page in the notebook has an unfinished drawing that invites you to finish it in any way that you can imagine. The drawings are in light blue so you can ignore them if you want… Read More

Fans of Spiderman, Ironman, Batman, and other mans will appreciate these very cool comic collages from artist Mike Alcantara who is known as ComicCollageArt on ETSY. Based in Austin, Texas, Mike uses actual comics to create his one of a kind superhero collages which are then digitally printed on 80 lb. 11×17 inch matte paper… Read More

If you share your home with a dog or cat, chances are pretty high that you have more than a few pictures of your furry companions. Regal Beagle will take those pictures and showcase them as artwork for your walls by adding your pets to famous paintings. Choose from 63 historical works of art like… Read More

Instead of watching current events videos that are depressing and anxiety inducing, I’m going to start sharing videos with you that you can watch without stressing out. Don’t worry, they will always have some tech element to them, so I’m not going to share cat videos unless the cats have laser beams for eyes and… Read More

Put down your phone or gaming controller and spend some of your free time building something cool like this Peterbilt 389 Metal model from Amusien. I know what you are probably thinking. Building a metal model sounds difficult. But it’s not. You don’t need to weld or glue the pieces together. You don’t even need… Read More

I don’t know how many times I’ve dreamt of having my very own graffiti covered metal dumpster on my desk. Wait, yes I do know how many times I’ve had that dream. Zero. I’ve dreamt about miniature dumpsters exactly zero times. But now that I know that tiny dumpsters exist, I can make that future… Read More

You may have clicked through just to find out what a lithophane is. A Lithophane is an artwork that has been molded or etched into a thin material (originally this was done on translucent porcelain) and can only be seen when the artwork is backlit. Think of it kind of like a 3D version of… Read More

I bet you clicked through just to find out what stippling is didn’t you? If you’re not an artist, you probably haven’t heard of the term. Stippling is an art technique that is achieved by drawing dots. LOTS of dots. Thousands of dots. Maybe millions of dots. You get the idea. Using an ordinary pen… Read More

Today is May 4th which means it’s Star War’s day! This day each year a lot of tech sites write about all sorts of kooky Star Wars products, but I didn’t want to do that because I’m sure you all get tired of seeing news posts about Darth Vadar slippers and R2D2 cookie jars. After… Read More

I love to doodle, but my drawings don’t always turn out looking too realistic. But now I have a tool that can make even my worst squiggles look good. It’s Google AutoDraw and it’s pretty amazing! Just grab a laptop, desktop, phone or tablet and point the browser to where you’ll be greeted with a… Read More

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to draw but thought you had no talent, you can forget about that. You don’t need talent, you just need to exercise your drawing muscles and these books from Library Tales Publishing by art teacher and professional artist Catherine V. Holmes will help you do just that. There are three… Read More

A few years ago digital photo frames were really popular. I always liked the idea of photo frames, but their size was never big enough in my opinion. Enter the Digital Art Museum from Hammacher Schlemmer. This huge 32 x 21 inch 1080P digital frame can be mounted on your wall to display famous works… Read More

One of my favorite tech innovations of the past year is Apple’s iPad Pro paired with the Pencil. There have been many digital styli that have preceded it, but for me, nothing’s come close to touching the Pencil for note-taking and drawing. I’ve been dabbling in iPad sketching apps for almost as long as they’ve… Read More

Adult coloring books have been a thing for awhile now, but patterns tend to be flowers, animals, and other nature scenes. The Industrial Strength Coloring Book by noted graphic designer Robert Pizzo and Quill driver Books will appeal to people who are interested in manufacturing, technology, and engineering, with patterns that feature gears, circuits, gears and more. … Read More