Colorpik Pen is digital ink pen that can draw and write in ANY color!

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CROWDFUNDING NEWS – If you like to draw but don’t have the space to store dozens of different colored pens or markers, then you should take a look at the Colorpik pen which is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. The Colorpik is an ink pen with a built-in camera that you use to capture a color that you’d like to draw with. The pen has individual chambers for Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow inks and will mix them to create the captured color or any other of 16 million colors. The Colorpik pen doesn’t need an app, comes with multiple nibs, and has a rechargeable battery. If you don’t want to draw on paper, the Colorpick works with your tablet too. They are seeking $5,000 and plan to ship rewards in March of 2024. Visit their Kickstarter campaign page where you can pledge $149 to pre-order your Colorpik pen.

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Where to buy: Kickstarter
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Colorpik.

Update 1/1/24

I received this email from a Gadgeteer reader:

I backed this project (Colorpik) after you ran a report on it back a few months ago, had my card charged, and just received notice from Kickstarter that the campaign was removed from the site because of an intellectual property dispute. A new (to me) risk of crowdfunding. Thought you might like to see a copy of the complaint:

“Colorpik Pen : Copy And Draw With 16 Million Colors [Submitted by Scribble Pen]
Date: 2023-12-26T03:36:16.000-08:00

Scribble Pen
800 Canterbury
LAs Vegas, Nevada 89144

Sent via online form

Kickstarter, PBC
228 Park Ave S PMB 59430
New York, New York 10003-1502 US

Re: Colorpik Pen : Copy And Draw With 16 Million Colors

Description of copyrighted material: The copyrighted material in question pertains to the design, development, and marketing of a digital stylus pen and ink pen, originally conceived and developed by Scribble, a company founded by myself. This includes all design elements, product specifications, marketing materials, and any other intellectual property associated with the original product. The product was developed for and belongs to the Scribble Pen company under a formal ‘Agreement Contract’ with Yangzhong Wang (Colorpik project creator) who is now trying to resell the technology under a different brand name without permission from the Scribble Pen company.

Description of infringing material: The infringing material is present in the Kickstarter campaign run by Yangzhong Wang a.k.a Steve Wong under the entity Colorpik ( This includes the redesigned product, marketing materials, product descriptions, and any other content associated with the campaign. The product being marketed in this campaign is a direct derivative of the original product developed by Scribble, and its sale is in violation of our original agreement and infringes on Scribble’s intellectual property rights. Furthermore, the campaign contains misleading information about the product’s capabilities, claiming it can reproduce “16 million colors” when Yangzhong Wang admitted to us that it can only accurately reproduce a few hundred colors.”

Update 1/9/24

It looks like this has been fixed:

“Hello all,
As you may have noticed, our campaign was mistakenly hidden by Kickstarter last week, causing confusion and inconvenience for all of you. We sincerely apologize for this error. After working closely with Kickstarter and providing additional evidence, we have successfully resolved the issue and our campaign has been reinstated. We are currently focused on production and plan to ship the pens to you all in March. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.
Cheers ~
Have a good day !
Colorpik team”

4 thoughts on “Colorpik Pen is digital ink pen that can draw and write in ANY color!”

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  2. So I want sunset orange and I photograph it.
    I use it for two three strokes and then I need neon green.
    What does it do with the premixed orange? I think just from the pics it has two reservoirs so maybe it can hold two preparations. But what if I want a third?
    The sample pictures are all two-tone with just black/green for outline then one colour for filler.
    This product is for niche projects, or you buy a whole bunch then prepare like preloaded paint brushes (a cool idea). I think Smashing Security’s Carole Theriault ( might love four or five of these.
    I see an artist preparing three or four of these and using them intermittently so as to have three or more brushes always ready to paint (draw?))

    1. There are 4 reservoirs in the pen. Each holds a different ink/liquid: CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW, and CLEAR (I think for flushing). You would “create” one color, use it, then switch to a new color. You would waste the extra mixed ink that you didn’t use. You can pump it out onto a tissue or another paper and then start a new color.

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