Add a whole lotta zen to your living room with this table

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sisyphus table

NEWS – Do you all remember the HoMedics Drift that I reviewed a couple of years ago? It was a tabletop kinetic sand zen garden gadget that was ultra cool, but not really all that practical as far as where to put it in your home. Well, check out the Sisyphus coffee table. You’ll get the same cool high-tech live sculpture but in a functional piece of furniture! If you’re wondering about the name and don’t know your Greek mythology, Sisyphus was the poor guy who was forced to roll a large boulder up a mountain over and over again for eternity. Depressing story for a cool device that you can customize with your phone to choose colors and patterns. I bet you want one for your home, but you might change your mind when I tell you the price. Yeah, it always comes down to the price… The least expensive Sisyphus table starts at $1497 and they can go up to over $8500. OUCH! If you have Oprah money, head over to!

2 thoughts on “Add a whole lotta zen to your living room with this table”

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  2. I would have more “Zen” having that kinda money just laying around ready to spend on something like that. It’s cool, but sadly I do not have Oprah money.

  3. That’s really cool. I wonder if you could build one using the motors and rails from a 3D printer to drive a magnetic head that rests just below the table. I’ll wait for someone to make a guide and then do it. 🙂

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