HoMedics Drift review – a beautiful zen gadget that comes at a price

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REVIEW – Do you need a new way to relax after the stresses of the day? You can binge-watch the popular new show on Netflix, you can listen to music, or you can use the HoMedics Drift which creates a beautiful and almost magical sculpture that you can watch as a metal sphere rolls silently through sand. I vote for the latter. Let’s check it out.

What is it?

The HoMedics Drift is a kinetic sand table that creates an automated zen garden for stress relief, calm, meditation, and even home decoration.

What’s in the box?

  • Homedics Drift
  • Power cable and AC adapter
  • Sand
  • Ball bearing
  • Rake

Design and features

The HoMedics Drift is basically a cream or black plastic bowl with a glass cover on top and is available in two sizes and two colors. There’s a 16 inch version which is the one that was sent to me to review and there’s an even larger 21 inch version. It’s hard to imagine the larger one because the 16 inch version is BIG.

The base of the Drift has a power port, a power button, and a light button.

The glass top is removable so that you can gain access to the sand platform.

The platform where the sand is placed is lined with a white knit fabric.

To set up the HoMedics Drift, you just pour in the bag of very fine white sand onto the platform.

At first I didn’t feel like there was enough sand included…

But you can use the included plastic rake to spread the sand as evenly as possible across the platform.

All that is left to do is to put the ball bearing on the platform…

Then put the glass cover back in place, connect the power cord and turn on the Drift.

And last but not least, you have to install the HoMedics Drift app on your phone.

The app

Once installed, the app will connect to the Drift and then you can choose from a large selection of patterns.

Choosing a pattern will immediately start the ball bearing rolling across the sand to create the pattern. You can adjust the speed and you can also adjust the light’s brightness, color, and more.

There are even special playlists that you can select to download even more patterns.

Ready, set, zen!

It’s very relaxing and fun to watch the patterns evolve as the ball bearing moves around in the sand.

The patterns are beautiful and intricate.

When a pattern has been completed, the ball bearing will stop moving.

The combination of the patterns and the light make for some cool “art”.

Watching the HoMedics Drift as it draws patterns in the sand is relaxing but it does make some noise. I think it would be great if there was a built-in speaker that you could use for your own music or built-in zen/relaxing tones. That would also improve the value of this device.

Watch the video below to see and hear how it works.

See it in action?

What I like

  • Stress relief sand art table
  • Ability to choose a pattern and download new patterns
  • Cool lighting effects

What I’d change

  • It’s expensive
  • Add a built-in Bluetooth speaker

Final thoughts

The HoMedics Drift is a unique device that can help you relax by watching a ball bearing draw patterns in sand. This device is very cool, but it’s also very expensive.  If you have the budget for it, I think the HoMedics Drift can be a great kinetic decoration for your home,  a doctor’s office, a spa, library, etc.

Price: $349.99 (16-inch version)
Where to buy: Homedics
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Homedics.

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13 thoughts on “HoMedics Drift review – a beautiful zen gadget that comes at a price”

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    1. Jon, I did mention it in the review. It does make a noise but it’s not annoyingly loud. But it would be nice if the unit had a built-in speaker that could play some sort of soothing music or tones to drown out the motor noise.

      1. I have the 21” and the ‘noise’ is simply the ball rolling thru the sand. No motor noise. You can test this by moving some sand out of the way and grinding noise disappears as the ball passes that clearing. Misleading to label the natural sound of a metal ball grinding on sand as a con. It’s a kinetic device.

  2. Thanks! I did see the reference to “some noise” but the video’s audio makes it sound like a rumble. This helps.

    Happy holidays!

  3. Thank you — very helpful.
    Have been looking at Sisyphus for a long time ($$$$$).
    Just because I can afford doesn’t mean I should.
    This is a great alternative.

  4. Perhaps, like me, I used the magnet attachment to the ball rather than the ball. Mine were separated for some reason. The ball was in a bag and the other magnet was on the tray. I had a terrible knocking noise until I replaced the shipping magnet with the ball. Now, I’m very satisfied. I had a little scraping sound, but after the update, I don’t even hear that.

    1. I have 148 patterns downloaded into my drift and it has run out of room to download another. Do you know who to delete patterns that have been downloaded?

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