This sub $10 knife will be your new EDC buddy!

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nhdt mini knife 2

NEWS – At less than 1.5 inches long when closed and only 0.18 oz, the NHDT mini titanium knife is a tiny cutter that won’t weigh down your pocket or your keychain but will be there when you need it. Made of TC4 titanium, this little slicer is 4x stronger than stainless steel and it will never rust. It’s perfect for slicing through the tape on your next package of EDC gear. But there is one thing to consider. While it looks like it uses X-Acto blades, it doesn’t. The blade isn’t designed to be replaced (boo!). If that doesn’t bother you and you’ve got 10 bucks, head over to Amazon where you can grab one for only. $9.99

nhdt mini knife 1

8 thoughts on “This sub $10 knife will be your new EDC buddy!”

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  2. That’s a shame. When I first looked at the photo, I said that is an x-acto knife blade! (used a lot of them building model airplanes in the 80’s).

    1. I found this on the neterweb:
      “Titanium is quite soft. It will sharpen fine on a wet stone, but take it easy as you will remove material quite fast.” Surprising, as titanium has a reputation for being hard and tough. Maybe it’s simply unique and expensive. Except in this case.)

      1. Titanium is corrosion-resistant and strong for it’s weight. It’s not a far jump from there to hard and tough, even if the meaning has changed…

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