There are a few things that I dreamed about having when I was a kid. A tree house, a moped, LEGO, and bunk beds. So far, the only item from that list that I’ve gotten as an adult is the LEGO, but now that I’ve seen the Disc-O-Beds, I just might fulfill my childhood wish for bunk… Read More

Are you ready to bring more tech into your bedroom? And no, I don’t mean THAT kind of tech! I’m talking about PONS high-end sleep products like their bed frame which has built-in USB ports to charge your phone and cool (literally) tech built into the mattress. The PONS bed frame is a premium platform… Read More

This beautiful stool with built-in guitar stand is handmade in the US by fillingham, an Etsy store.  The Guitar Stool/Guitar Stand is made to order from “wood, walnut, ash, felt, cork, and yacht braid.”  fillingham says:  “Hardwood surfaces (walnut and ash) are finished with a custom, hand rubbed finish that improves with age and use… Read More

I wish I had a SitGo to test tomorrow when I’ll be going to my local Verizon store around 6am to wait in line to (hopefully) buy an iPhone 7. Julie, what’s a SitGo you ask? It’s what inventor Jon Webb calls a portable resting solution, but I like to call it a one-legged tripod… Read More

The next time you need extra seating for guests, you can pull a book off your bookcase and voila, instant stool. No, I’m not delusional. It’s called Bookniture, which is a clever name for these “books” that are made of kraft paper that opens up to create a weight-bearing stool that you can sit on… Read More

Sumo, who are well known for their modern day bean bag furniture, has a new product that uses air instead of beans as a filler. The Sumo Air is a lounge chair that can easily go from the living room to the beach and even to the pool. Let’s take a closer look. What is it… Read More

Hey, all you superhero fans! Add a little superhero flare to your “batcave” with this decorative Batman bookshelf. This is a handcrafted item made of wood, measures 47 inches wide x 20 inches tall x 8 inches deep, and appears to come in two separate pieces. The Dark Knight Batman Bookshelf is available in three… Read More

Self parking chairs?

Nissan has developed chairs that return to their parking spot. Clap once and all the chairs around the boardroom table move themselves back into perfect alignment, ready for the next meeting. In an open office, clap again and all the desk chairs are neater than the desks. The bases of the chairs have batteries, motors… Read More

Although I do not watch as much commercial television as I once did, my new favorite type of shows lately are the ones where people are moving into smaller houses or living spaces. Watching how people downsize and try to get the most out of every inch of space can become a puzzle, and I… Read More

You may be wondering what a bean bag chair has to do with gadgets, but if you look back on the years, we’ve reviewed a few here. The first thing I think of when I think of a bean bag chair is something that belongs in a game room, is small, and has lots of… Read More

If you’re reading this post, you probably share a common problem that all gadget packrats share. We have lots of devices but no good way to store them while they are not being used. I keep my older MacBook Air on the end table next to my side of our double Lazy Boy couch, Jeanne… Read More

You’ve no doubt heard the term “I slept like a rock” haven’t you? Well the Living Stone Pillows bring that saying to life. They are a collection of pillows that have fabric that has been printed to make them look just like pebbles, stones and rocks from nature. The zippered pillow covers are made of… Read More

Have you ever built your own furniture?  I’m not talking about creating a beautifully handcrafted piece of heirloom-quality furniture like a Chippendale chair.  I’m talking about using pallets or screwing some legs onto a board – either because you like the bohemian style or because buying a piece of furniture isn’t in the budget?  SNAP… Read More

I don’t normally think of Bluetooth speakers as being big enough to use as a footstool, but this one is.  The Bluetooth Speaker Ottoman has a quilted faux leather exterior, so it blends in with your decor.  It’s available in black only, and it measures 18″ tall X 17.5″ wide X 18″ deep.  It has… Read More

Nothing disturbs a relaxing nap in the hammock under the shade tree like a swarm of mosquitos or other biting insects.  The Mosquito Thwarting Hammock keeps the pests at bay because it’s covered by a 4-sided canopy made of super-fine nylon netting; it unzips on two sides for easy entry.  The roof of 180g polyester… Read More