Some time ago, we told you about the LEGO Research Institute set, which featured women working as a chemist, an astronomer, and a paleontologist.  This time, LEGO is featuring the Women of NASA.  The set features four women in three settings; LEGO introduces the four as: Nancy Grace Roman’s build features a posable Hubble Space… Read More

Building things with LEGO bricks is fun, but if you want to shed new light on the fun, you should check out Light Stax. Light Stax are LEGO and Mega Blox compatible bricks that light up without wires. Each Light Stax brick contains a LED and electrical contacts on the brick posts. Build your model… Read More

A few weeks ago I told you about a 4D anatomy model of a LEGO figure and today I have a 12 inch tall wooden LEGO figure for your LEGO fanatical fun. This large LEGO man is made by Etsy artist Tom Stringham of MoreCowsThanPeople. The model is a very accurate replica of the iconic… Read More

It’s time to take your LEGO creations from the floor and table and put them up on a wall for all to see. Brik Wall Tiles are LEGO compatible peel and stick 10 x 10 inch baseplates. The back of each flexible wall tile has a temporary adhesive that can be used multiple times to… Read More

No LEGO collection can be considered complete without a Brick Man anatomy model from 4D Master. If you don’t think that this is a must have gift for your favorite geek, then well, you’re on the wrong gadget website my friend :) This Funny anatomy model has been designed by Jason Freeny and features a see-through… Read More

Oh LEGO, you know the way to a geek’s heart is through their love of rockets and space. Just take a nice long look at this ultra cool model of the NASA Apollo Saturn V rocketship. Designed by Felix Stiessen and Valérie Roche of the LEGO Ideas team, this model is a 1:110 scale replica… Read More

New from No Starch Press: The LEGO Animation Book A guide to making LEGO movies by David Pagano and David Pickett. This book will turn you into a stop-motion animation movie master. This 216-page book full-color hardback book is a comprehensive guide that will show you the ropes for filming your own animated LEGO movies… Read More

Check out the Brik Books Build-On Macbook Cover. This LEGOtastic cover from ThinkGeek is a grey baseplate that snaps onto your Macbook without using adhesive and is compatible with LEGO, Mega Bloks, and KRE-O building bricks. You have to supply the bricks and the Macbook. Compatible and non-compatible versions listed below: 11″ Macbook Air (A1465)… Read More

I’ve always been a fan of the LEGO Mindstorms robotics system that teaches children and adults how to build and program robots. Usually, you would use your Mac or PC to program the robot’s brain, but now you can use your iPad or Android tablet, too. The LEGO Group just announced the availability of its… Read More

As a LEGO fan and an Apple Watch owner, I had heard about people building their own Apple Watch charging stands with LEGO blocks. When SwitchEasy came out with its Blocks Apple Watch charging stand, I jumped at the chance to take a look at it. On paper, the SwitchEasy Blocks charging stand sounds great… Read More

Get yourself some bookends you can build on!  The Build On Brick Bookends not only keep your books tidy on your shelves, they serve as a base for building base compatible with most bricks (LEGO, PixelBlocks, Mega Bloks, KRE-O, or K’NEX Bricks).  Like many bookends, these have metal plates that slide under your books, DVDs, CDs… Read More

You can’t actually build with this giant LEGO, because the bottom lacks the indentations to join up the blocks, but you can use it as a very cool lunchbox.  The LEGO Lunchbox is shaped like a traditional 2X4 LEGO brick, but its top lifts off so you can store your lunch inside.  It measures 3.9″ X… Read More

The COI+ LEGO Power Brick has a 4200mAh lithium-polymer battery inside with plenty of reserve power to get your devices through the day.  It has patented PCB and smart IC, so it charges your device at “a speed that best protects your electronic device”, up to 2.0A.  It’s small enough to fit in your gear bag… Read More

Pley is a LEGO version of Netflix. At Pley you create a queue of desired LEGO sets that you want to build. They then send you one at a time, so you can enjoy building each set without the cost of purchasing them. Once you are done, you ship the set back, and they send… Read More

When you get tired of playing with LEGO apps on your iPad mini, you can play with LEGO building blocks on your iPad mini.  This BrickCase for iPad mini is a full-coverage case that fits the original iPad mini. (A case for the mini with Retina display is coming soon.)  SmallWorks says the case is… Read More