New from No Starch Press: Computers for Seniors by Chris, Carrie, and Cheryl Ewin. This 332-page full-color illustrated book for the parent, grandparent or older friends in your life that can benefit from easy step-by-step basic computer lessons. The book has 14 lessons that begin at square one with the power button and proceed to… Read More

This is the first book mark that I’ve seen that doubles as a “flashlight”. It’s the Book Mark Light from the Design Bloom Shop. The book mark is actually a circuit board that has been printed on a thin film with special conductive ink. The Book Mark Light performs like a traditional book mark to… Read More

I haven’t read a book in non-digital form for… well, I can’t even remember the last “book” I read. I prefer to read on my phone or a tablet, but one thing that I miss from reading physical books are bookmarks. Every time Anime Causa comes out with a new bookmark, I smile, and this… Read More

The imaginative people at Animi Causa are at it again. This time with this ultra cute book marker. The Nessie Tale Bookmark is a plastic book marker that fits between the pages of your book to mark your spot in a way that no ordinary book mark can do. Animi Causa must have a thing… Read More

New from Fox Chapel Publishing: Fun with Fidget Spinners: 50 Super Cool Tricks and Activities by Australian technology blogger David King. Instead of fidgeting, you can read about fidgeting. This 80-page book full-color paperback book features instructions for a variety of fun tricks that you can do with the latest toy craze – fidget spinners… Read More

New from No Starch Press: Coding iPhone Apps for Kids A Playful Introduction to Swift by Gloria Winquist and Matt McCarthy. This book teaches children and adults to code in Apple’s free beginner-friendly programming language called Swift. This 336-page book full-color book is a fun guide that will explain the building blocks of app programming… Read More

Keeping up with your favorite TV series can get expensive when you are tied to providers like cable and satellite companies. The only option in my area is DirecTV or Dish. I’ve been with DirecTV for over 20 years and am happy with their service and content, but not the monthly bill. Ouch! A few… Read More

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to draw but thought you had no talent, you can forget about that. You don’t need talent, you just need to exercise your drawing muscles and these books from Library Tales Publishing by art teacher and professional artist Catherine V. Holmes will help you do just that. There are three… Read More

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about using Raspberry Pi and Arduino hardware to get into the IoT scene, today is your lucky day. Make: and Humble Bundle Books have teamed up to offer an extraordinary deal that not only rewards you with a great collection of geeky eBooks, but it also helps STEM… Read More

Adult coloring books have been a thing for awhile now, but patterns tend to be flowers, animals, and other nature scenes. The Industrial Strength Coloring Book by noted graphic designer Robert Pizzo and Quill driver Books will appeal to people who are interested in manufacturing, technology, and engineering, with patterns that feature gears, circuits, gears and more. … Read More

New from No Starch Press: The LEGO Animation Book A guide to making LEGO movies by David Pagano and David Pickett. This book will turn you into a stop-motion animation movie master. This 216-page book full-color hardback book is a comprehensive guide that will show you the ropes for filming your own animated LEGO movies… Read More

Back in my day, we didn’t have fancy schmancy tablets to read books, we had actual books with pages, that we had to turn! And we liked it! That was me channeling Dana Carvey’s Grumpy Old Man character from Saturday Night Live. It’s true though. When I was a kid, I loved Saturdays because my… Read More

Book lovers will enjoy these fun bookends and shelves from Animi Causa. The Runaway bookend gives an optical illusion of books that are about to fall on a running couple and the Levitation book stacker provides the illusion of a yogi magically levitating your favorite book stack. These bookends are a little pricey at $25.99… Read More

If you’re trying to get your children more interested in books instead of TV and video games, how about checking out these fun titles featuring Playmobil figures. Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of the Baskervilles (Playmobil) by Richard Unglik is a hardbound book with 96 color pages. Richard Unglik, a professional photographer, has recreated the world… Read More

I can’t seem to recall the last time I read an actual physical book. You know the kind I’m talking about, the ones made of paper with pages that you turn with your hands instead of with a swipe of a finger. I still love real books, but carrying around my latest tome is easier… Read More