Read by the light of your light saber

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star wars light saber booklight

ThinkGeek has come through with another Star Wars-themed product that’s as useful as it is cool.  This time they have a Star Wars Lightsaber Book Light.  The officially-licensed clip-on LED book light features a lightsaber hilt with one LED instead of a plasma blade and an 11″ flexible neck.  The hilt is 4″ long and a half-inch in diameter.

You can clip the base to a 3/4″ stack of papers or just clip it to the book’s back.  You’ll need to supply your own AAA battery.  To conserve that battery, the light will switch off automatically after 20 minutes.  Don’t worry, you’ll get a flashing warning before it cuts off and leaves you in the dark(side).

You can choose between Luke Skywalker’s or Darth Vader’s saber.  Each book light is on sale for $9.99; normal price is $14.99.  Order your Star Wars Lightsaber Book Light now from ThinkGeek.

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