Arctic S111BT Bluetooth v4.0 speaker review

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arctic S111BT-01
I’ve had the chance to review a few Bluetooth speakers now, but the Arctic S111BT is the first pair I’ve tried that’s designed as two separate speakers, wired together as a left and right pair.

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arctic S111BT-02

Yes, this is Arctic, the company formerly known as Arctic Cooling, the company synonymous with CPU fans and cooling.  In 2010 they changed their name to simply “Arctic”.


  • Impedance: 4 Ω
  • Power Input: DC 5V, 1A, Micro USB
  • Output Power: 4W (2W x 2) RMS
  • Charging Time: 4 – 5 hours
  • Battery Life: Playing : 12 hours
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable 2000mAh Lithium-ion Polymer
  • Audio Input: 3.5mm Stereo Jack on cable
  • Bluetooth Version: V4.0
  • Comes with travel case, micro USB charging cable and 3.5mm audio cable
  • Comes in black, white, blue, pink or lime green.

arctic S111BT-03

A semi-soft case comes with the Arctic S111BT, which includes a small mesh pouch for cables.

arctic S111BT-07

Each speaker measures 70mm on each end, or under 3″ on each side.

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arctic S111BT-05

The two halves are connected with a single 80cm cable.  The cable is not detachable.

arctic S111BT-06

A multi-colored LED on the back indicates battery level.  Blue shows battery above 50% charge.  Blue + red means 25-49%, and blinking blue + red means below 24%. A full charge will result in up to 12 hours run time. Volume and power buttons are also located on the right speaker.

arctic S111BT-08

arctic S111BT-09

The S111BT weighs in at just under a pound.

arctic S111BT-04

The speakers paired easily to my iPhone 5S.  As you can see, they’re not big speakers.  You won’t get big thumping bass, and you’re not going to rattle any walls with the S111BT.  The one thing I did appreciate was that  I could reposition the two speakers any way I wanted to get the best possible separation, or stereo effect.  That’s not something you can do with one piece bluetooth speakers.

Overall, the Arctic S111BT are lightweight speakers at an inexpensive price that come with a handy zippered semi-rigid case.  Die-hard bass-heads look elsewhere.

Source:  The sample for this review was provided by Arctic.  For more information, visit


Product Information

Price:$49.99 USD (promotional price may vary)
  • Bluetooth or 3.5mm audio input
  • Lightweight
  • 12 hour run time
  • Bluetooth v4.0 spec
  • Separate left-right design allows flexible positioning
  • You're not going to blow any doors off with bone-shaking bass

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