Savel saves half of your fruit for later

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It goes without saying, but I’m saying it anyway, that I love gadgets. I even love gadgets that I’d never buy and that have been designed to fix a problem that is best fixed with a solution that is much less expensive. Today’s example is the Savel by Dreamfarm. What we have here is a colorful foldable plastic base with an attached silicone strap. The idea behind this product is that it can be used to keep cut fruit fresh longer. The base can be used flat or folded to conform to the shape of the cut fruit. Savels come in four bright colors, are dishwasher safe and are priced at $7.95 each. I’m fascinated by products that people invent, but I can’t see myself or many people buying this gadget when a roll of plastic wrap or a box of baggies solve the same problem for much less money. If you want to check out more info about this fruit saver, head over to Dreamfarm. Tip: they do offer some other products that actually look useful.

6 thoughts on “Savel saves half of your fruit for later”

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  2. I’d love to see the company post some pictures of food saved a few days with this product versus wrapped in foil, baggies, cling wrap, etc.

    The fact that they haven’t has me suspicious.

  3. My roommate is a magazine editor and received one of these guys as a trial. I tried it on my avocado and it kept it from browning for 4 whole days. Much better than plastic wrap or a baggie. I’m sold – it’s awesome.

  4. I can see a few advantages of this product over containers or plastic wrap.

    1. no waste versus wrap. I always feel bad about throwing plastic wrap away.
    2. breathable – some fruits do better when the skin is exposed which is not the case when covered in plastic or placed in tight container.
    3. only the cut area covered so if the seal between silicon and the the cut area is good, it’s almost as if the fruit is not cut at all.

    Case in point: tomatoes should not be stored in the fridge they get mealy. Yet if you cut a tomato in half and try to save one half by wrapping it in plastic and leave it on the counter, it would not be good eat in a day. Putting the half in a container is better, but still not as good as an uncut tomato. I suspect that this silicon thingy would do a better job than either.

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