Pick up a trunkful of hardcover Harry Potter books in dust jackets designed for each house at Hogwarts

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harry potter house trunk sets

Juniper Books has designed a set of Harry Potter books with special book jacket designs created for each of the houses at Hogwarts.  The books in our image are for Gryffindor.  These books are based on the hardcover version issued by Scholastic Books.  Juniper says they “buy heirloom quality hardcover books from publishers we love and respect. For our jacketed sets, we design, print, and fold each cover by hand to ensure a beautiful set you will treasure forever. Our jackets should be thought of more as art prints than the typical jackets which come from publishers.”  Each set is then stored in a cardboard trunk that looks like something a Hogwarts student might use it to take their belongings to school.

Each set of seven books with their custom dust jackets and trunk is $275.00 plus about $20 shipping from Amazon.

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