LEGO Botanical Almanac book review – Beautiful addition to our LEGO Botanical collection!

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LEGO Botanical Almanac with LEGO bouquet behind it

REVIEW – We have several of the LEGO Botanical sets in our home. They’re great! Flowers that don’t wilt, don’t require water, and are an eye-catching addition to the mantel. It’s also a fun exercise to pick out the different LEGO pieces that are used to make up the flowers. You’ll see dinosaur wings, pieces from different animals, and even LEGO Technic parts.

What is it?

LEGO Botanical Almanac—A Field Guide to Brick-Built Blooms is a book that shows all of the different Botanical sets that LEGO has released as of this date. It includes descriptions and artistic renderings of all of the different flowers, along with information about the flowers and other plants. Each description includes the species or genus name along with more detailed information. There is even a section on how to arrange your own bouquets!

What’s included?

LEGO Botanical Almanac with packaging behind it

  • 1 LEGO Botanical Almanac book (with bonus print included)
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 112
  • Size: 6in x 8in
  • Age Range: All ages (very pretty pictures)
  • Publication Date: 3/19/2024
  • ISBN: 9781797227801

LEGO Botanical book page opened to the Rose page with illustration and info

There is one caveat to the book. It does not provide instructions on how to build your own flowers. You could use the detailed pictures and illustrations as a reference, if you wanted to. Getting enough specific pieces to make your own will be difficult for most of these flowers unless you can find them in a bulk LEGO bin.

Page of an interview with Milan Madge

In addition to flower and other plant highlights, the LEGO Botanical Almanac book has interviews with five of the designers of the Botanical collection. The five designers they interviewed for the book are: Astrid Sundorf Christensen, Michael Psiaki, Milan Madge, Anderson Ward Grubb, Nicolas Vás. They offer some fascinating insight into the LEGO set creation process. I really enjoyed reading about how they made their decisions through the design process and how they arrived at the finished product.

What I like about this book

  • Beautiful artwork
  • Great insight into LEGO, specifically the creators of the Botanical LEGO sets

What needs to be improved?

  • Nothing I can think of!

Final thoughts

Pages with all the current LEGO Botanical sets listed

I think LEGO Botanical Almanac is a nice addition to the mantel of anyone who loves LEGO Botanical sets. Nina Pace’s illustrations are gorgeous, and the interviews provide some very neat insights into how the sets were created. Just remember that this is not an instruction book on how to build your own flowers, but you might be able to use it for inspiration in your own creations. The book itself is well-made and beautiful.

Price: $19.95 US / £ 14.99 UK – Available for pre-order now. The planned publication date is 3/19/2024
Where to buy: Chronicle Books and Amazon
Source: The sample of this book was provided for free by Chronicle Books. Chronicle Books did not have a final say on the review and did not preview the review before it was published.

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