Giratree Modern Smart Nightstand review

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REVIEW – After reviewing the iLive End Table, I realized upgrading our current furniture to smart options when given the chance was something I must take advantage of.  Here is what I think of the Giratree Modern Smart Nightstand.

What is it?

The Giratree Modern Smart Nightstand is just that.  It is a nightstand, with a modern appearance, that includes a wireless charging station on the glass top, 2 storage drawers, LED lights, built-in Bluetooth speaker, 2 USB charging ports and 2 USB-C charging ports,

What’s in the box?

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  • Table pieces
  • Glass table top
  • Bag of accessories and small pieces
  • ***You will need your own screwdriver to assemble


  • Product Dimensions 14.96″D x 17.87″W x 19.68″H
  • Tabletop Material: Tempered Glass
  • Internal Material: 16mm MDF
  • Base Light: 16-Color Light Intensity Adjustable
  • Light Brightness: 3-Color Light Intensity Adjustable
  • Net Weight: 35.27 LBS


Assembling the Giratree Smart Nightstand is really quite simple, took about 80 minutes total to assemble from start to finish.  The 18-step instructions are straightforward.  However, with my teaching background, I have to point out that although straightforward the instructions lack some specific details, especially if you are someone who learns with words and not just photos, I feel this could cause some confusion for novice furniture builders.

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Construction is very standard to similar furniture you might purchase at big box stores using cam locks and screws.  The directions do warn you to ensure the safety of the glass when assembling your table.  It is also mentioned and emphasized to insert the screw into the hole going the direction of the arrows in the diagram, then rotate 90 degrees or 180 degrees clockwise to make sure the screws aren’t too loose or too tight.  Following this guidance, our table came together without any notable issues or complications.

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Design and features

Giratree 9 e1700673243530


The Giratree Smart Nightstand is equipped with 2 USB, 2 USB-C charging ports and the wireless charging pad on the glass top, making charging multiple ways simple and convenient. The wireless pad is in the direct center of the table top and cannot be moved. If you are using the table top to store items other than things that can be charged wirelessly (lamps, books, etc.), then you have to keep the middle of the table clear to take advantage of the wireless charging. The USB and USB-C charging ports are found one of each on either side of the table near the top corner and are very convenient to use.

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The Giratree Smart Nightstand wireless charging pad top also features a border of lights with 3 different brightness levels.  Simply click the power button on the top and choose from white light, natural light or warm yellow light.  This makes for a nice night light where you want just that little bit of light in the room.

The Giratree Smart Nightstand has a built-in Bluetooth speaker, which can be connected through the Bluetooth function. Pairing is super simple! Turn your Bluetooth on your device, find the GT-AI8A device in your list of Bluetooth connection options and connect. You will need to enter “1234” for the code on your first connection and voila you can use your nightstand as a speaker.  Speakers are located on both sides of the nightstand.  We find the speakers to be mediocre sound quality, however do enjoy this extra feature.

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The Smart Nightstand also features LED lights. There is a strip of LED lights wrapped around the under side below the drawers. The lights toggle through different colors (16 colors total) and are controlled by a button on the USB cord for the lights.  Simply click through all the color options.  To turn off, you hold down the button.  The lights do have to be connected to power to work. We used one of the USB outlets on the side to plug the lights into and then connected the AC outlet to power to use the lights and speaker.

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The Giratree Smart Nightstand also has an integrated App.  A QR code on the back of the light controller leads you to download the App, LotusLanternX.  The app allows you to connect your Smart Nightstand with the app via Bluetooth and control the LED lights, you can have the lights react to music and can even schedule your lights however you wish.  You can schedule different colors, different brightness and different times.  Although this is a fun extra feature, I can’t see us using this personally.

This Giratree Smart Nightstand design comes in two color options, the black (as reviewed) and a white version.  Both options have that modern look with the smooth shiny finish, polished round corners and accented with metal handles on the drawers.  The top of the nightstand is tempered glass, while the shiny finish on the front is a mirrored finish, as you can see in the photo above.

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When it comes to caring for your new nightstand, some of the recommendations Giratree suggests is to avoid direct sunlight and protect from heat and liquids and do not leave spills unattended. When it comes to cleaning the Smart Nightstand you will want to dry with a soft dry cloth and avoid using any abrasive cleaner. If you do end up with soil build-up, wipe hard surfaces with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly.

Giratree products are designed to last, and they stand by their quality. So all of their product come with a one year warranty and this Smart Nightstand is no different. They will replace or repair any products with defects in material or workmanship. The manufacturer’s warranty applies one year from date of delivery. For the warranty to apply, the product must have been used for its intended purpose through normal use. Products are not covered by warranty if used for commercial purposes or defect is from causes beyond normal wear and tear.

What I like

  • Easy assembly
  • Modern look
  • Provided warranty
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker
  • Amble USB and USB-C options
  • Wireless charging table top

What I’d change

  • Add words with the photos in the instruction manual
  • Improve speaker quality

Final thoughts

Whether it is the more traditional table look of the iLive End Table, the more modern look of this Giratree Smart Nightstand or another option, if your tables don’t have integrated charging capabilities, it may be the day to reconsider.

Price: $219, currently on sale for $179 and save an additional 30% with the code BLACKFRIDAY
Where to buy: Giratree website
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Giratree.

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