FlexiSpot XL6 Power Lift Recliner review – Great lift chair, awesome price

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REVIEW – Recently, I have been looking to purchase a recliner for my 79-year-old mother. Her current couch has become extremely uncomfortable, and she has trouble getting in and out of it. I hadn’t considered a lift chair because they’re typically unattractive and tend to be quite expensive. But as fate would have it, a review offer came across my e-mail for one that was attractive and affordable. Let’s check out the FlexiSpot XL6 Power Lift Recliner. More importantly, let’s see what my mom thinks.

What is it?

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The FlexiSpot XL6 Power Lift Recliner is a dual-motor lay flat recliner with heat and massage.

What’s included?

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  • Recliner base
  • 2 x Armrests
  • Back cushion
  • Lift & recline remote
  • Massage remote
  • Power adaptor
  • Adaptor power cord
  • Massage power cord
  • 2 X Stabilizers w/hardware

Tech specs

  • Model: XL6g
  • Motor: Dual motors
  • Material: PU leather
  • Color: Dark Brown
  • Reclining angle: Lay flat
  • Overall dimensions: 33.9″W x 31.3″D x 41.7”H
  • Seat width: 22.8″
  • Seat depth: 23.2″
  • Seat height: 18.5″
  • Back height: 27.6″
  • Arm height: 25.2″
  • Fully reclined dimension: 72.2″
  • Warranty: Cover: 3 Years, Frame: 3 Years, Motor: 2 Years

Design and features

The FlexiSpot XL6 Lift Recliner is available in 2 materials: PU Leather and Chenille. I asked for the dark gray chenille, but it was unavailable, so FlexiSpot sent me the dark brown PU Leather. The PU Leather is water-resistant, making it easy to clean, and it gives the recliner a refined, classic look. By looking at it, you would never know the XL6 was a lift chair. Design features include:

  • Four convenient side pockets.
  • A manually adjustable headrest.
  • Extended footrest.
  • A complimentary pillow.

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The side pockets are a great place to store things within easy reach, like books, tablets, or a small laptop. The headrest on the XL6 is manually adjustable. It has three levels that can easily be adjusted for head and neck comfort. The extended footrest is a great benefit. It has a one-piece design, so there are no gaps to create pressure points. This also helps to promote good circulation in the legs. The complimentary pillow can be used as extra support for your neck and lumbar areas or underneath your knees to help alleviate leg pain.

Another nice design feature on the XL6 is a leather loop on the side of the chair that holds the remote controls. This keeps them within easy reach and prevents them from falling onto the floor or between the cushions, a common problem.

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The XL6 has a dual motor system, allowing the user to control the backrest and footrest independently. The XL6 can recline in multiple positions and even go completely flat, offering the perfect space for a rejuvenating nap.

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The chair’s lift feature allows you to gracefully go from sitting to standing. It has a weight capacity of 400 pounds.

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A Spa-Like Experience at Home

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Aside from the recline and lift features, the XL6 also has built-in heat and massage. The chair features eight vibrating massage nodes thoughtfully placed to target key pressure points. You can choose from 3 massage modes along with three different intensities. The heating mode has three levels of heat. Each function has its own remote control.

Speaking of remote controls, the XL6 has 2 of them. One is for controlling the lift and recline functions, and the other, as mentioned, is for the heat and massage functions. Both remotes are hardwired to the chair.

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The lift and recline remote control has four soft rubber buttons. The buttons are large and backlit, making them easy to see. The remote also has an integrated USB port to power up your devices.

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The massage remote control lets you independently power the heat and massage functions.

Unboxing and setup

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The XL6 arrived packed in two different boxes and arrived on separate days. The boxes were slightly beaten up, but the contents were well-packaged and unharmed. Assembling the recliner is very simple and doesn’t require using tools.

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First, you must attach the two stabilizers to the back bottom of the seat base using bolts and wing nuts. The armrests and backrest slide onto the seat base using brackets. After the chair is assembled, all you need to do is connect the corresponding power cables. Total assembly was under 30 minutes.


My mother has been using the XL6 Power Lift Recliner for a few weeks, so I sat down with her to get her thoughts.

Design: She liked the chair’s look and was pleasantly surprised by how soft the PU leather was.

Comfort: Overall, she found the chair to be exceptionally comfortable and the perfect size for her. She said the chair was a little firm initially, but her body adjusted to it after a couple of days. Her only minor complaint was that she could feel the massage nodes on her back through the material. She also wished that the leg rest came up a little higher.

Recline and lift functionality: Loves reclining into different positions while watching TV and likes the ability to adjust the headrest for maximum comfort. She even joked that she had fallen asleep in the recliner multiple times. She doesn’t use the lift feature often, but she said it comes in handy, especially on days when she’s sore.

Massage & heat features: She likes that the massage isn’t, in her words, “overly aggressive”; it is just the right amount to relieve her body aches. She also likes that she can target different areas. She said she has not used the heat much, but it works well.

Remote controls: Finds the lift & recline remote easy to use because of the large backlit buttons. Mom also loves being able to charge her phone from the remote. The massage & heat remote is a different story. The buttons and writing are too small, and she has to use the flashlight on her phone to see them. Even I have trouble seeing them, especially at night.

My mom loves the XL6 and says it’s far more comfortable than her couch. She was impressed by the recliner’s design, comfort, and multiple features.

What my mom likes about the FlexiSpot XL6 Power Lift Recliner

  • Design and size
  • Comfortable
  • Recline & lift features work well
  • Massage & heat

What my mom would change

  • The massage nodules can be felt through the material
  • The recline and lift features operate a little slow

Final thoughts

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The FlexiSpot XL6 Power Lift Recliner is a fantastic chair. It hit all of the bullet points I was looking for in a recliner for my mother. And the lift feature is a great bonus. Both my mom and I are thrilled with it. My mom gets a comfortable recliner that she has no trouble getting in and out of, giving me great peace of mind. If you or a loved one needs a reliable and affordable lift chair, the FlexiSpot XL6 Power Lift Recliner is an excellent option, especially at its sub-$500 price point.

Price: $459.99
Where to buy: FlexiSpot
Source: The sample for this review was provided by FlexiSpot.Flexispot did not have a final say on the review and did not preview the review before it was published.

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