Restrap Adventure Race Top Tube Bag review – all your bike necessities, at your finger tips!

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REVIEW – Carrying small bits of gear on your bike like an inner tube, small jacket, or a snack traditionally meant a bag that hung off the back of your seat, or maybe a handlebar bag.  These work to carry things, but it’s not easy to grab what you need while riding.  Enter the Race top tube bag from Restrap a small UK company that hand-makes all sorts of technical bikepacking gear.

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What is it?

The Adventure Restrap Race Top Tube Bag Short is a small-ish bag that mounts to the top tube of your bike, within easy reach while riding.  All Restrap bags and hand-made and include a tag signed by the craftsman who made your bag!

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What’s included?

  • The bagRestrap Bag 7

Tech specs

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Body Materials:  X21 Waterproof nylon and Hypalon
Lining Material: 2010 Denier nylon
Webbing Material: nylon
Zipper Materials:  YKK Aquaguard
Capacity:  1.2L
Dimensions: 240mm x 120mm x 45 mm
Weight: 120 g with straps


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Design and features

One unique aspect of the bag is the multiple ways it can attach to your bike. If your bike has braze-ons (bolt locations) on the top tube for a bag, it can bolt directly to your bike.

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This is the most secure and cleanest looking installation method.  But most bikes don’t have braze-ons, so the bag includes a removable grippy nylon strap that attaches securely around the top tube with a nice nylon clamp.  There is also a small bungee and hypalon attachment that wraps around the stem and secures the front of the bag.

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Once attached, you’ll quickly learn that the bag is very functional.  The waterproof YKK zipper is smooth and easy to operate with one hand (critical while riding!). A rigid plastic internal structure keeps the shape of the bag intact while riding and while rummaging around in the bag looking for things. One great feature of the bag is that the inside lining is bright orange, which really makes it easy to see your items at a glance.

The bag features two stretchy mesh pockets on the outside, perfect for small items like gel packs or other snacks.

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I’ve used a few top tube bags in my cycling career, and they’ve mostly been a disappointment. The Restrap Adventure Race Top Tube Bag is a refreshing change from that disappointment!  The bag fits securely using the strap, or bolting to the frame.  It’s stable, easy to operate one-handed, and the perfect size to hold all your nutrition requirements for a long day on the bike. The orange lining makes it easy to see what you need in the bag, and the full-length zipper gives you a big opening to rummage around in. The bag is mostly waterproof, but did let some water in while I was washing the bike. But during most rides in all but a torrential rain, your stuff should be fine. The bag is narrow enough that it doesn’t impact your pedal stroke, but I found my knees would rub the bag while really hammering out of the saddle. It’s the perfect size to hold a jacket, a few gels or other snacks, while giving you access to all of it on the go.

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What I like about the Restrap Adventure Race Top
Tube Bag

  • Secure mounting
  • Orange inside so you can see stuff
  • Small pockets on the outside for snacks

What needs to be improved?

  • Nothing!

Final thoughts

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There have always been ways to carry things on your bike, but usually they are not very convenient. The Restrap Adventure Top Tube Bag (short) changes that.  It’s the perfect size for a long day out, keeping all your necessities within each reach.

Price: $83.99
Where to buy: Restrap 
Source: The sample of this product was provided for free by Restrap. Restrap did not have a final say on the review and did not preview the review before it was published.

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