AiDot WELOV P200 Pro air purifier review – A great way to clear the air

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REVIEW – Clearing the air is always a healthy thing to do, in this case quite literally. The AiDot WELOV P200 Air Purifier looked like a nice addition to my home, so let’s see how it did!

What is it?

The AiDot WELOV P200 Air Purifier is a Matter-certified air purifier. More on what it means to be Matter-certified below…

What’s included?

  • AiDot WELOV P200 Air Purifier
  • Air filter
  • Instructions

Air Purifier in the box

Tech specs

  • Designed to clear a room of 315 square feet in a mere 12 minutes and an area of 1570 square feet within an hour
  • Model: P200 Pro
  • Voltage Input: AC 120V – 60Hz
  • Rated Power: 45W
  • Standby Power: <1W
  • Net Weight: 4.2kg / 9.25lb
  • CADR: 205 CFM/350m3h
  • Room Size: 315ft / 30m
  • Noise Level: < 55dB
  • Dimension: 240x240x504mm / 44×9.44×19.84in
  • Wireless Connection: 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi

Design and features

One of WELOV’s biggest selling points, Matter is the new standardized wireless platform that allows you to connect to devices without having to install a proprietary app for each brand. That is a huge benefit! I counted over four different apps on my phone for the different wireless devices in my home right now. All it requires is that you have a Matter-compatible hub like an Apple Home HomePod or Google Home Nest Hub. I see this protocol continuing to spread and grow as time goes on, so this is a pretty cool feature. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Matter-certified hub yet! Thankfully, the Aidot app is also available and was a very easy install.

Some of the features of the WELOV P200 Pro air purifier touted by the manufacturer are:

  • The World’s First Air Purifier Certified by Matter
  • Sleep Mode linked with Apple Health
  • Precise Air Insights
  • 3-Stage Filtration: 99.7% removal of 0.1-micron particles
  • Whole-house coverage with highly efficient purification

Get more info at the AiDot official site and AiDot Matter page.

Assembly, Installation, Setup

Assembly of the WELOV P200 Pro air purifier was simple.

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Flip the air purifier open and open the bottom with a little counter-clockwise twist.

Remove the filter from the bag it came in

Insert the filter and replace it back into the air purifier and put the bottom back on.

Flip it right-side up and plug it in!

The WELOV P200 Pro air purifier is functional and you can use it without any additional setup. There are some interesting features that come in connecting it wirelessly, though. You can connect through the Aidot app in the Google Play Store / Apple Store. Setting the Aidot app up was easy. Once I created an account and logged in, I just had to search for and find the device and everything synced up from there.

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Within the app, you have full control of all the features on the device that are on top of the air purifier.

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You also can see and track the air quality within your home over time. It also displays power consumption, how long the purifier has run that day, and the remaining lifespan on the filter.

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One area I wasn’t able to test was the Matter-compliance. I don’t have a Matter-compatible hub yet, so I wasn’t able to test that installation, but the included instructions for that were very clear. I need to get a Matter-compliant hub soon, because I really look forward to being able to control and manage all of my different wireless devices in one location.


The WELOV P200 Pro air purifier works great. It has a particulate sensor that allows you to see how the air in your house is doing at any time.

The testing guide they sent had a test you could perform by filling a room with cigarette smoke or some other colored smoke and then watch as the purifier cleared the room. I don’t have a room I could do that in without setting off the smoke detectors and I can’t stand cigarette smoke, so that test didn’t happen. Instead, cooking chicken in a very hot pan was a good test. You could see the particulate count in the room spike up as it moved the air through. It has a really cool auto feature as well that adjusts the fan speed to the particulate matter in the room.

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This air purifier is dead quiet at its lowest setting. I have to put my hand over the output to feel the air moving because I can’t hear it at all. On the medium and high settings, you can hear it more, but in normal day-to-day operations, you can’t even tell it’s on.

This machine is very power-efficient. The Aidot app tells you the power consumption and even keeps a running log of use over time, which is a cool way to tell how much it costs to run. I calculated the cost against the average price per kilowatt-hour in this area and it came out to pennies.

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There are several different filters you can choose from in this air filter and they all cost around $32 when I checked. Another great thing is that this has a pre-filter that they recommend you vacuum off every few weeks to extend the life of the internal filters. The average lifespan of the internal filter is 3-6 months, depending on air quality and location. You can order additional filters directly from the app as well.

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What I like about the WELOV P200 Air Purifier

  • It’s super quiet!
  • Particulate sensors work very well at tracking the air quality in the house and adjusting the air throughput accordingly
  • Implementation of the Matter wireless protocol. I hope all wireless devices go this direction!
  • The Aidot app works very well and has some great features like power consumption, air quality tracking, and filter lifespan
  • A pre-filter that catches larger particulates that you can vacuum and wipe off instead of having to buy a new filter each time
  • More features, but this is a very well-made air purifier

What needs to be improved?

  • Nothing

Final thoughts

The AiDot WELOV P200 Pro air purifier is a great air purifier. It’s quiet and unobtrusive. I love having the ability to see at a glance how the air in the house is doing at any time. The automatic mode on it is great and adapts well to conditions throughout the day. There is a decent variety to the air filters and they seem reasonable priced. I would recommend it to anyone in the market for an air purifier.

Price: $199.99
Where to buy: Amazon (currently on sale for $89.99)
Source: The sample of this product was provided for free by WELOV. WELOV did not have a final say on the review and did not preview the review before it was published.

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