The Sofa Stud cup holder will become your sofa’s new best friend

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NEWS – Sofas and sodas are mortal enemies, but the Sofa Stud will become your sofa’s BFF especially if you don’t have end tables. What the heck is a Sofa Stud? No, it’s not an overconfident guy who likes to start every sentence with the word “bro” or “dude”. The Sofa Stud is a cup holder that has been specially designed to fit between the cushions on your sofa. It can hold a can of soda, a bottle of beer, and some cups (depending on the diameter). The Sofa Stud is available in white or black for $14.99. If you’re more of a sofa coffee drinker, they made a Sofa Stud with a slot for a coffee mug handle for $16.99. And if you’d rather drink your favorite beverage on the beach, there’s a Sand Stud cup holder for only $9.95. Head over to and Amazon for more details or to order.

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