I’ve always enjoyed building sets like models and construction sets from LEGO, Erector, and more. The Arckit GO Colours is a model building system that is used by schools and universities as a classroom teaching tool of STEM concepts for developing fundamental design skills. But is this set fun to build? Let’s find out. What is… Read More

“A robot’s primary function is to obey.” If this is true, then Anki’s Cozmo robot fails—and fails spectacularly. When I first saw a YouTube video featuring Cozmo, my first reaction was “Is this thing too cool or what?” Cozmo is a robot with a mind of its own coupled with a major attitude. This Wall-e… Read More

I can’t decide if this animatronic robot is creepy or cool, so I’ll let you be the judge. Professor Albert Einstein by Hanson Robotics is a 14.5-inch tall robot who can teach you science. He can make over 50 facial expressions, maintains eye contact, quotes Einstein himself, tells jokes, challenges you to games, chats, and… Read More

Before receiving Cubetto, the thought of teaching computer programming to our young boys, ages four and six, never crossed our minds. Even though I am an engineer, I had not yet considered how to give them some basic tools that would perk their interest in STEM subjects, specifically computers.  Our kids are as efficient as any… Read More

Have you ever wanted to learn how the basic functions of your favorite gadgets work? What does it take to make an LED light up? This mini kit from Circuit Scribe can teach you the basics of electronics without also needing to learn how to solder and wire up components. Circuit Scribe kits include a pen… Read More

SNL’s Amy Poehler and her Smart Girls organization have teamed up with Lenovo to use gaming as a vehicle to help teach kids (boys and girls) to learn to program for free. Lenovo’s Game State site allows kids to learn code development at their own pace while having fun at the same time. To advance… Read More

I’m sure you’ll be shocked to discover that when I was in high school, most of my elective classes were trended toward science. My two all-time favorite classes where “Power and Energy Technology” and “Robotics”. In both those classes we were tasked with building simple machines using motors, circuit boards, power supplies, etc. I enjoyed… Read More

When I was a senior in high school I took a physics class and absolutely hated it. I struggled to keep up with the rest of the class and ended up dropping out halfway through the year. A few years later I had to take a physics class in college. I immediately remembered my high… Read More

Deckopedia card decks help satisfy the needs of curious, but busy, people using a unique, handheld format. Created by former world-class snowboarding champion turned entrepreneur Caroline Chabert Graeff, Deckopedia offers an easy-to-digest way for time-crunched people to learn in-demand topics, such as tackling a raw food diet, traveling to must-see destinations, or ways to go… Read More

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