Space:  A sharable flashcard system featuring spaced repetition

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NEWS – As a teacher, I periodically spend an afternoon looking for new apps that I think might help me do my job or my students learn stuff, and I today I found one called Space.

Space is a spaced repetition flashcard system.  If you’re not familiar with spaced repetition, it’s basically a system where difficult to learn items are presented more often than easy to learn items.  So if you’re studying a language and you’re having trouble with a word that you just can’t seem to memorize, it would pop up in the flashcards more often than the words you’ve got down pat.  It’s a proven way to memorize things.

The cool part about this app is that you can share your flashcards with others.   One idea is that a teacher could make a set of flashcards for their class.  Or, if you’ve got a study group, each person could develop one chapter’s worth of flashcards and you could all share them.

The flashcards sync between devices and the app has a very easy to use, simple interface.   There are also quite a few customization and graphics options.  Best of all, it’s free and there are no ads!

The app is available on Android and is in preview mode in IOS so hopefully it will be available soon for those users.










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