If you like robots and you like building things, then you will probably love Offbits. Offbits are little kits that use parts like bolts, screws, wingnuts, springs, connectors, and more to create quirky cute robot-like characters. They are kind of like LEGO for nerds and are available in an assortment of kits that are themed… Read More

“A robot’s primary function is to obey.” If this is true, then Anki’s Cozmo robot fails—and fails spectacularly. When I first saw a YouTube video featuring Cozmo, my first reaction was “Is this thing too cool or what?” Cozmo is a robot with a mind of its own coupled with a major attitude. This Wall-e… Read More

I can’t decide if this animatronic robot is creepy or cool, so I’ll let you be the judge. Professor Albert Einstein by Hanson Robotics is a 14.5-inch tall robot who can teach you science. He can make over 50 facial expressions, maintains eye contact, quotes Einstein himself, tells jokes, challenges you to games, chats, and… Read More

Like most parents, my wife and I prefer to have our kids playing as opposed to zoning out in front of the TV. We do our best to try to incorporate learning into playtime, but it’s not always easy. Fortunately, educational toy makers like Wonder Workshop do their best to make playtime fun and educational… Read More

Robots are taking over the world! Ok, not really – yet. They are coming one step closer though, just take a look at the Practice Partner 10 Robot from Home Leisure Direct. This table tennis robot can’t play an entire game with you, but it can help you perfect your serve. You can set them… Read More

Check out this cute little robot keychain from TOKYObay. This one is the DJ. He is only 1.5″ tall, functions as an analog clock on a keyring and has moveable arms. He comes in gift packaging and a variety of colors. I reviewed one of the TOKYObay robot desk clocks last year and am still… Read More

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